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Fritz Kohler

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My family got to know Fritz Kohler when he taught us at Keystone two seasons ago before he headed back to Switzerland with his girlfriend Veronika Mosser. I was looking at his web site today (www.thinksnow.ch), and although everything is in a language foreign to me, it appears to include an obituary for Fritz. Does anyone know Fritz, and if so, can you fill me in on what may have happened to him?
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It says something about a traffic accident, Thats the best I can come up with. Maybe Ott will see this and do a better job.
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I read the link and it only gives the fact that Fritz died in a traffic accident. No further details. The rest of the posting are 'thank you' notes to the ski instructors who were pall bearers, and everybody inbetween from the police first on the scene to the priest who spoke at the grave. He was buried last friday.

Here is a link to his picture:

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