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K2's Phone Number

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Just wondering if anyone has K2's phone number for their head office?

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The LA corp. office is 323-724-2800. But I'm guessing you want the manufacturing office in Vashon, WA. That number is 206-463-3631.
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Their Customer Service toll free number is 800-972-4037 (At least that's what it used to be)

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Tomk that is the correct #,bump-me when you call get ext 1395 should be chris he is very helpfull,he skis & knows the products,good luck.
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the numbers.

I talked to K2 and they were really helpfull. Makes you feels so much better when you get good customer service. Asking them some details about the Mambas & Lavas that no one usually has any info on.

Also in case anyone needs the K2 number for Canada its 877-393-7049. Talked to Marcus, also a very knowledgable skier.

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