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Volkl SuperSport 6 star vs. 7 24 Pro

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Hi All

I currently own a pair of the old Volkl Vertigo G30's and I absolutely love them, so I'm looking for something comparable in today's models. I'm an aggressive skiier who likes to ski off piest and like to do bumps. However I'm 6'4" and 250lbs and I like the wood core because it supports my weight. My question is I'm looking at the difference between the Volkl 6 star and the Volkl 7 24 Pro. For the type of skiier I am, which would you recommend. I like the 6 star but it a lot shorter than I'm used to and I'm not sure if it has a wood core like the 7 24 Pro. On the other hand from what I can discern the 7 24 Pro is mainly a fast Salum ski but it does come in 191 and has a wood core.

Thanks in advance

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I've never skied either one, but I've talked to a lot of people who have. They're not similar at all and really shouldn't be compared. The 6 Star is definitely more of an on-piste ski. It would be well-suited for a very agressive skier who spends a lot of time on groomed runs. The Pro is more aimed at the off-piste skier who only skis groomed runs to get to the other side of the mountain--although I'm sure they would still do quite fine on the groomed stuff. The sidecut of the Pro is very similar to the skis I have--K2 Axis XP--and I absolutely love them. Great in chopped up crud, hold a good edge on wind slab, even good in bumps. There are better skis out there for groomed snow, but I don't ski that very much.

I don't think I've ever heard/read anything negative about either ski and I don't think you could go wrong between those two. However, they are intended for very different conditions.

hope this helps.
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6 Stars

I have 4 pairs of skis.

The 6 stars have a wood core. On eastern skiing they make a great 2x4 sound on icy hard pack. They have two rods that go down most of the length of the ski. This is to both support the binding and allow freedom of flexing motions of the ski, and to provide tenacious grip. (high torsional rigidity)

If you've skied actual gs race skis, the feel is similar. They like speed, they appreciate a carved style turn. They feel very stable fast.

Here is another difference that might point out some attributes for you:

In a standard side slip drill my Head I75 Monster skis have a broad range from edge grip to release. They are very easy to modulate in a side slip or pivot slip drill. On the 6 stars they pretty much either are gripping or not gripping. There is almost no in between. Thus, the 6 stars are the better edging ski. Also, thus, they are a less forgiving ski. If your a turn shmearer, you may not like them.

I'm 208 and 6 ft and some skis feel too soft. The 6 stars are great fun. I don't think you'll find them a great off piste ski. Like I said they ski more like a GS ski than a mid fat all mountain.

I'm skiing this week with my new Metron B5's. If they are indeed the swiss army knife of skiing, my 6 stars may be on the block. I've only got about 50 days of skiing on them (1 year) so they are like new. But I do love them and the Metrons are 11m radius so are more of a slalom ski than a GS in turn size, so I'll probably keep the 6 stars even if I never get on them again.

Other pros and cons. In a spring day with good groomers in the am and messed up crud and mashed potatoes in the afternoon, I prefer the Head I75m's. They are more of a true all mountain ski. But nothing rips quite like the 6 stars.

At race camp this summer, I was on the 6 stars the first GS day and on actual GS atomic race skis the 2nd day. There was not a lot of difference. (the atomic was actually a tad stiffer and was damper so seemed to grip a tad better).

Fore to aft balance on the 6 stars was where I like it in the factory settings. On the Head's I have to move the binding forward to make them ski like the 6 stars.

The 6 stars also have the most rebound of any ski I have.

That's about all I got. If your into on-piste it's a great ski. I think you'd find them fine for your size.
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As igotbugz pointed out, correctly, I might add, the 6 Star, 7 24 Pro and the G30 - and it's descentants - all come from the same family tree. However, the different branches of the Volkl tree give each its . . . . don't you just love arbor metaphores.

The progression of your current ski looks likes this: G30 > G31 > G3 > 7 24 AX3 > 7 24 EXP. Based on your love for the G30's, I would highly recommend you give the new EXP a ride. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at the increased performance they offer, while mantaining the general attributes you love about your G30's. If you plan on trying before you buy, try the EXP, Pro and 6 Star and see for yourself how different they really are.

The EXP and Pro are both offered in 191's. The longest 6 Star length is a 182, which is plenty long.

What is a Salum ski anyway? :
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