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GPS sez 80kph

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I don't think maximum speeds from GPS are very accurate, although average speeds over long distances may be.
OTOH based on what my friends who race rollerblades tell me, 80 kph is believable. You can easily do that on long hill on a bicycle, even without drafting.
Of course, you have to be crazy to do that on skates.

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Yes, I believe it, but I'm not that impressed. Post up when you hit 160. Still, they would be looking at some pretty impressive road rash if they crashed at 80 in that gear.
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Ghost, I don't think that GPS reading was accurate.
Their heads are up. There is no accordioning of the paceline from bearing/wheel mismatch between skaters. The guy that stands up solo doesn't slow down faster than the remainder of the paceline.
I think 40kph by the time they tuck (2nd tree on right), 65 at the bottom (white picket posts) is more probable.
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