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Karhu Jak: can't miss?

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So I was doing some internet searching instead of my homework and I came across a pair of Jaks for $200. I'm planning on buying skis this winter anyway and would love to get them at a good price instead of paying full retail once the snow starts to fly. I've read all the reviews I could find. But even at such a good price, I don't want to waste $200 on a ski that is completely wrong for me.

A little background: I'm 5'10", 180ish, just moved to Vancouver, BC, from CO. I'm currently on K2 Axis XP in a 181, but was thinking I wanted something wider. I've read the Jak doesn't handle hardpack very well. Is wind slab much of a problem around here (I'll be skiing Whistler mostly, but have never been there)? I love the stiffness of my XPs. Any commetns on how the Jaks would compare? Also, these will be mounted with Freerides, but will probably spend most, not all, of their time in-bounds.

Other skis I'm considering are BD Havoc, Rossi B3, K2 Axis AK (but wasn't this discontinued?), basically anything in that size range, 88-98mm waist. I don't plan on getting rid of my XPs, but I want something I can ski every day (I've met people who ski Gotamas and Big Daddys every day, but I don't think I'd want to).

Hope I'm not repeating too much from other threads (I've already read them all, but would still appreciate additional input).

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I really can't tell you much about the Karhu Jax other then The Line skis are made in the Karhu factory somewhere in Canada.
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Yeah, the Jak is the same as the Line Mothership, just different graphics and (drastically) different marketing. So if anyone has skied that one, comments would be appreciated as well.
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