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2004 Elan S10

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Anyone have any information on these skis? I've been unable to find anything online. Maybe an Elan Rep. can help. Thanks.
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I asked about this ski awhile back on this thread:

Also, Realskiers mini reviews from '04 said this: "If bumps are on the menu, this is the better choice of high-end Fusions. Much of the power of the 12, even more forgiving, although there is some sacrifice of stability at serious speed on hard snow."

I've heard they compare favorably to the Volkl 5 stars, but I have not skied them, so I can't help there.
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And, on a slightly related topic: Why in the world would Elan take their website offline at this time of year?

Notice that the sailing, tennis, bikie and snowboard ones are fully operational.

Rossi00, it doesn't help you one bit, but there's a tantalizing Fusion cutaway here.
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Thanks for your help guys.
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I'm looking to compare these skis with the Atomic SX9, let me know if you have any input. Thanks again.
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