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2004 Elan S10

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Does anyone know any information about these skis? I've been unable to find any info on them online, maybe an Elan rep can help. Thanks
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This ski fits between the S12 and S8. Has one sheet of titanuium compared to 2 (S12) and none (S8). That's all I know other than having skied both S12 and S8 and thinking the S10 might be a good place to be.
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I ski the S12 Fusion and love it, but being honest, it is a stiff ski and it can sometimes be work. I haven't skiied the S8 but everything I hear is good except if you're big (170+) and skiing FAST it can get unhappy. I'd think an S10 with a Marker Piston would be pretty nice... for me though I'd dig up an old M1SC Ti, and select 'free flex'. I gut tells be that would be sweet. I'm 52, 5'9", 165#, ski about 45 days a year, and like to ski everything. My S12 is 168.
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I except' this out of dawgcatcher's S12 review.
"Still, not really a ski to be taken lightly-if you aren’t an expert with solid technique, check out the S10. This ski can really do it all-definitely the most versatile carver I have skied. I have been in 8 inches of fresh snow, crud, and bumps with it (along with hard snow)-it handles everything with ease. For me at least, that is what sets this ski apart from some of the other carving skis that I like (such as the Fischer RX8)-the Elan is just more versatile. I can’t say that I have skied another powerful carver such as this that was actually good in the bumps. The 168 is very stable and smooth of it’s length-just such a fun ski. If I had to pick one ski, this would be it."
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Would this ski be a better choice over an Atomic SX9 Supercross in your opinion? I'm looking into one of these two models for the upcoming season, but I need an unbiased opinion. Each ski shop has its own preferences and say what they think I want to hear about each model. Let me know what you think. Thanks for all the info.
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I've never skied the 9. I'll ask a couple of my friends... at least one is an Atomic kinda guy. For me the S12 is hands down the best thing I've ever stepped on. The only thing that would make it better FOR ME is if it was just a bit softer, which the S10 is. I have a friend, awesome skier, who reps for Elan. He also feels that the only limit on the S12 is it's stiffness, which somewhat limits it's versitility (sp?). But as a rule I like softer skiis. When I had Marker SCs on my skiis I always used the free flex settings. That said, there is nothing the S12 can't do, but because it's essentially a racing core it's an 'on your toes, all the time' ski. I think, my gut feeling it, the S10 would be the 'great compromise'. There was one guy on this forum last year that went with it vice the S12 and he had nothing but GOOD to say. So he wasn't disappointed. I think both skiis, S10 or SuperCross are excellent skiis, but if I couldn't demo both I'd go with the S10, only because I love my S12s so much and Atomics tend toward stiff (as do Volkls?). Good luck.
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Much appreciated Saltydog.
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re: 03/04 vs 04/05 S10...changes...?

Salty...or anyone,
Anyone see any differences between last season's ski (S10) and this years'...?
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I'm by no means an authority, but I believe the changes are merely cosmetic save for the fact that it now comes with the fusion system. I don't know whether a flat version is available on the 05.
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This season's skis have Tyrolia bindings. Last year they had Marker. There is also a difference in the actual fusion system (I don't know the details, but it might just be the different bindings).
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Me Too

Near as I can tell is what the two previous posts say... this years M10 is a Fusion setup and the binding in a Tyrol :-( (I'm a Marker guy). I've have a friend who used to rep. I'll send him an email and see what shakes.


Nice color though! Hmm, come to think of it that is the same kind of bright red my Kastle RX National SLs were that were stolen from Mt Snow back around '85.
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thank you guys,
I've seen nothing but good reviews for Elan's Fusion system....and I'm seeing some decent prices...as far as systems go
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I know you are asking about the men's version, but my wife demoed the S10's last year and they were far and away her favorite. She said she couldn't tell the difference between most in-class skis, except for the Elans.

She's a way, way better skier than I am, but I typically can keep up with her (just not looking too good doing it). When she was on the S10's, however, it was pointless for me to try. She was gone in a flash and if I wasn't left staring at her I probably would have noticed everyone on the lift pointing at her as if to say, "That chick rocks."

Unfortunately, Elan has such lousy distribution (at least here in the northeast), that we could only find some demos for her to buy come end of season. She didn't want them because they'd been beat up a bit. So we bought her the Dynastar Exclusive Carve's, which she says are comparable.

PS: I am stoked to have found this board, it seems GREAT!
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The S10 is a great choice-probably better than the S12 if you are taking bumps seriously. It has only 1 sheet of titanium. I tend to ski aggressively and fast on the groomed, and the S12 is a better choice for me. But, if I was skiing in more challenging terrain such as bumps, the S10 would be preferred-it is almost as stable at the S12, but more forgiving. Also easier in the choppy snow, but both are really good there. It depends on how you classify yourself. I started last season as a strong 8, and worked my way up close to level 9, and found the S12 to be a handful at the beginning of the season, but not so when I improved a bit. Ironically, I would probably go with the S10 these days (for bump performance) and will probably buy a pair of GX Fusion's for strictly hard snow (the 178 is amazing-I weigh 150lbs, and they were as stable as a pair of SuperG skis, but easier to turn than my 21m race stock 180 GS boards). That, and the 666 Fusion for deeper snow will be my quiver for the season.

Anyways, if you want to get your hands on any of the aformentioned skis, PM me. I have basically every ski in every length at this point, and can probably do at least 15-20% off of street price-we are having a "pray for snow" sale here in the PNW.
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