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Twin Tip Help

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I'm currently looking for a pair of Twin Tips. I'm 5'8, 155lb. I ski on the east coast, and need a pair of all around skis that can do well in the park. I need an average to above average pair for an advanced skier. I'm looking for an average or below price tag.

Some skis I've seen talked about are the Atomic 9.18, Salomon 1080, Salomon Pocket Rocket, Dynastar Concept, and Rossignol Bandit XX. Which would you recommend? Or are there others? : Some of these are a bit pricey.

Thanks a lot
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Volant 69s. I have last year's model and they are a truly great ski for the entire mountain including the park.

However, I don't know what the new owners plan to do in terms of TTs this year and I also understand volants can be pricey.

Demo demo demo.


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How are Salomon Equipe 10 3vs or X-screams? And I'm guessing I should get around 170-177 in skis with my hight?
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The Bandit XX would be too heavy for the terrain park. The Pocket Rockets would be pure folly on East Coast snow. I would demo the new 1080s which are suppose to be much better carvers than the previous models. I would also demo the Volkl V-Pro.

As for the Salomon Equipe 10 3vs you'll find them (and all the other shorty-slalom skis) ill-suited for the park. You won't be able to skid them and if you get out of balance during a landing they'll punish you.
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Okay, I'm going to try to demo the 1080s, V-pro or v series, Valant 69s, and Atomic 9.18s. I usual use a 177cm, would I want to go down? I've heard you want to use a smaller size on twins.
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My son and his friend are all around 160 to 175 pounds and they ski twin-tips in lengths from the 160 to 180. My son at 165 pounds is getting 1080s in a 171 length. His best friend is around 175 pounds and getting the 181 length. Another friend around 160 pouns is going down to 161 but he is only going to use the 1080s for the park. I would recommend starting out with 171 cm in the 1080.
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Thank you very much, that helped me tremendously [img]smile.gif[/img]
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