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Yep, yet another what ski for me thread. I'm 5'11", weigh 189 lbs., 50 years old, and this will only be my 3rd year skiing. We've taken quite a few lessons and plan to continue doing so. I'm comfortable on most blues, and would say that blues like Gondolier at Stowe are about at my comfort limit -- indeed, I'd ski it under control but it would most be technically poor skidded turns. Been skiing on Head Cyber 90s @ 160 -- good beginner ski but I was finding they were getting squirly as my speed has increased so looking to move up. Ski mostly on Eastern groomed/hardpack but want a ski that's sufficiently versitile to handle cut up crud reasonably well. I want to ski faster but want a ski that's easy to handle at slow and moderate speeds, definatley not ready for a high speed curiser. And I clearly want something that would be reasonably forgiving, but something I can improve with. Here are some skis that look very interesting to me.

Elan Fusion S8
Elan Fusion A8 (New this year, haven't heard anything about it).
Dynastar Omecarve 8 AIS
Dynastar Skicross 8 (or possibly 9, would that be too much ski?)
Volkyl Supersport 4* (too much ski?)

Any comments on these skis or suggestions for other skis I should be looking at? I plan to try to demo, but would like to limit my choices to 2 or 3 models.

Also, what would really be the difference between a ski like the Dynastar Omecarve 8 vs the Skicross 8?

Thanks much!