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Educate me!

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I am currently a skiier of about 23. However, in that time, I have had little time to actually educate myself on all the tid-bits on construction, necessary stiffness and length of skis and what would be ideal for me. I have to admit that I have 5 pairs and only 1 of those is less that 198cm. I bought a pair of shorter ones in Washington because they were stiff and cheap, but I am starting to think that I need to change the length and stiffness direction of my "arsenal". I am currently about 210lbs. 5'10" and a very aggressive skiier.

I skiied Mt. Baker Washington a few weeks ago and met two guys that were on Volkl Vertigos. Now both of these guys liked these skis like a dolphin likes water, but I can't remember what model they were. I know they were light green, but I want to say that they were G9s. I have not seen a G9 though and figured that I am confusing the G9 with the Dynastar model. I do remember that they were light green though.

If someone could help me to find the right skis for my purposes, I would be very grateful! To give you an idea of what I ski, I guess the easiest thing to say would be... YES! I prefer steeps and deep, but I go really fast too. I hope someone can help me.

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Most probably they were the G-3 vertigo ,I had last years which were a yellow green and volkl sent me this years model as a warrenty replacement and they are close to last years color just different matt finish. It was good the color was close since my bindings are fire engine red. They are a great all mountain ski ,have a smaller than most sweet spot , but are great on ice compared to other all mt skiis. I ski them in a 184 the same as my p-50 gs race (which are much faster) and When I first got them I was 210 and 5'10" , but have been sking at 190 lb this year . We have one guy at the shop at 225 lb and he prefers the 177 . It is personal preference on length , he hits the bumps more and I cruise more.
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