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Bike Brake Damage....

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OK, I Recently crashed my bike.

I did a big no no, I was riding my bike towing my girls behind me in the trailer and had my 112lb Black Lab running next to my with my hand on the leash.

Well, he decide to stop to leave his mark without any warning (he will bark or winne first) and the leash caught on the handle and I went..... WWHHHHEEEEEEEE! CRASH!

I have a few scraps but OK, the girls was safe and sound in the trailer, the dog was shamed to no end (his head was down and tail between legs) but my bike is damaged. The front brake is broken. It looks like some silver ring thing is missing and I thought of using a pencil eraser cap till I can get the part replaced. Any suggestions????? It's a Giant bike with standard parts.

here are the pics...
Damage front:

How it should look back brake:

The one who broke it!

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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I don't know what all the pieces are called, but have you slid the black weather cover back to see if the piece you're looking for isn't simply covered by it? I can't imagine an eraser working there, as that connection takes all the load of the brake pressure you apply.

Glad you're OK!
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I'd have to agree with CGEIB. I think that all that has happened is that the black rubber dust cover has ridden up too far and is now over the silver fitting. If you pull the dust cover back, I think you will find the fitting you are looking for right there.
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I thought the same thing also and pulled it back.... the small ring is missing.. plus the prod that holds it is also bent.

Thank you for your fast replies!
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Based on your latest reply, I would suggest that you stop in at your local bike shop. I don't think I would try and fabricate something to make do--brakes are too important to risk failure.

I have had good experiences with bikes shops over the years in terms of having spare parts and getting me back on my way with limited expense.
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The chances of the end of the tube being "torn off" like the ring you are suggesting is very unlikely. It's possible there never was one. The housing bracket that looks like it is bent probably just hooked onto the end of the tube sleeve. The cable then extends out from the end of the tube/sleeve through that bent bracket and to the other arm of the brake. If the part that is bent is fabricated from stamped steel you could probably bend it back. If it's part of the casting I would not attempt to bend it back. That's usually a disaster waiting to happen. A bike shop could probably replace the whole brake assembly for about 15-25.00 plus labor. (performancebike.com) for instance has their own brand of caliper that is about 20.00 and that's the whole brake assembly. Shimano Deore brake calipers (from performancebike.com) go for around 30.00.
Repair parts if avail are probably a lot less.

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Thank you guys!!!!! I took the bike in and it was a simple repair he did in a few mins. he only changed me for the parts!!! 15.00 bucks.

Mostly because of my story and he has seen my dog before and found the whole image of my riding and the dog stopping to do... Well you know.

Heheheh, he also asked if I was going to disown him and he would happy to take the bouncy Lab! I can't give up my BABY!
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Look at that sad puppy face!!!! Could you stay mad??? He has such a sorry look when he does something really bad.

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hold on, Becca...

do NOT take that to a shop. it's not broken.

the "noodle" of aluminum tubing is designed to come out of the left side caliper arm, so that you can remove your wheel when you need to. it's designed to be able to come out as it did.

the little rubber accordion-shaped boot is not doing anything wrong here. it's just slid to a point where you can't see the shelving on the noodle. you can slide that boot around all you want, you can't hurt it. move it back until you can see the shoulder and groove in the end of the noodle. the shoulder is a "stop" against the flat U-shaped anchor strap that is pivot-attached on the left side caliper arm.

the anchor strap has a slot into which you place the noodle, and the noodle's groove is about the width of the small U-shaped anchor strap's thickness.

more simple help with pictures:

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first off... Thanks for the Awesome repair webpage link!!!!!!! I was hopping you would show up! I know you know a lot about bikes.

Second.. the damage was bigger than I thought!!! After I had pulled the rubber black thing off the thing, the place it should hook on was completely damaged. I couldn't see the cable damage until I took it into the shop, I was standing right there talking to him when he said: "oh no" and showed me the damage.

I crashed hard!!! and that is where the leash was intangled with the brake. The whole line had to replaced. I don't know how I damaged the cable line, never in my life have I done that with any of my bikes. The only thing I could come up with was it was defective when I bought the bike. The repair guy(also the one I bought the bike from) said that should have NEVER HAPPEN!!!!

The guy at the shop only charged me for the part.. and no service charge. He is sending the cable in to the company to see if he can get me a refund on the part. Like I said before, he likes me!!!!

Oh and he gave me a new Light for the front of my bike too!!! it was damaged also, but under warrenty. It was one of those CAT white blinkers. Where I live there is no street lights.
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