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Looking for Ski Recs for 2004/2005 season

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Hey All,

New to the forum... I've been out of the skiing game for a couple of years and I'm a bit confused as to where to start in terms of looking for a new pair of "do everything" skies. In the past, I've had a quiver, but now that all my old skies are pretty out-dated and I'm no longer getting pro-deals, it has to be a quiver of one.

A little about myself (sounds like a personal add): 185 lbs, 6'0", former racer (for those that it means something to, USSA GS points 120's, slalom 130's...FIS 180's for both back in mid 90's) former ski patrol. Several >100 day seasons under my belt. Stopped racing just as "shape" skies were coming onto the market, feel like I got a pretty good handle on two ski, wide stance carving technique.

Now living in Phoenix so Flagstaff is the closest mountain (typically western conditions, similar to Taos, but not quite as steep nor big...about 2500 vertical feet, lack of snow in the fall, decent western conditions in the winter, and corn/slush in spring) Hoping to get about 15-20 days in this season, with hopefully a trip to Telluride (want to check out the new Silverton area). Like skiing everything, but leaning more and more towards off-piste...love powder and trees, big arcs on groomers in the morning and maybe some bumps or terrain park in the afternoon if there isn't enough snow to hit the BC (unfortunately too common at Flag)

I've been hearing a lot of good things about the Atomic Metron series, and I've always been partial to K2 as they were a former gear sponsor (they built up some good customer loyalty with that one) but I am open to any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Jeff. Welcome back!

One ski you ought to demo, especially given your customer loyalty to K2, is the K2 Recon (new Apache series). Last year it was called the K2 XP - which you can find some good prices on right now.

Reasons you might like it:
Its dimensions make it great off piste: 115-78-105 (18m turn radius @ 174cm);
It is built with a layer of metal in it which makes it stiff and quite a good carver when conditions are hard.

It is not a twintip, so it won't be much use in the park.

Dynastar's new Legend 8000 has a similar profile and has received incredible reviews so far.

My only comment on the Atomic Metrons is that they are heavy... I can't imagine dealing with these on a regular basis off piste (not to mention having the suckers dangling on a long chair lift ride).

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Welcome to our place.

The Legend is a good start. I demoed one last March and felt it was a comfortable ski. I felt confident on it. Another ski that had the same feel was the Elan 666.

You may want to look at the Volkl 724 pro also. With a racer background it may have the performance you'll be used to. My first thought reading your post was the Volkl G4, from last year. I can't recall what it's name is this year, but that may be some thing for you to check out.
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So I was already looking at the Recon vs. the Metron ( not sure really what the difference is between the b5 vs m11???). Now also seriously considering the Dynastar Legend 8000 (not sure if the 8800 is a little too fat for a "do everything" ski).

So a few more quetions...
What is the difference between the B5 and the m11?
Do I have to use the propriatary bindings? (i.e. neox on the Atomics, Look on the Dynastar, or Markers on the K2's?)
Are any of these three twin tip? (seems like maybe the dynastars mention something about an upturned tail, but not sure)
Is is possible / advisable to mount randonee bindings on any of these skies?

By the way, I'm looking for skies that are available at REI because I'm pretty sure I can hook up a discount / pro deal...the M11, Recon, and Legend 8000 are available there so they are my current tops...

I also agree that it is best to demo before buying, but that may not be possible this year for me as due to my work schedule (an intern in emergency medicine) I don't really have that many days off and figuring out where / how to get a demo in Phoenix is not on my priority list for things to do. I pretty much figure that from everything I've been hearing any one of these three would be light years better than what I've been skiing on (namely the old K2 Merlins) so I'd just as soon buy a pair and have them available for when/if good ski days happen.

Thanks for the input.

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The Legend 8000 does have a turned up tail but it is not a twin tip. It will accept bindings other than Look/Rossi.
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Welcome home! Check out HEAD Monster 75. w/chip.
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