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Binding grease

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What type of grease can be used for lubricating bindings? I know you're supposed to have a shop service the bindings. But I picked up a pair of used skis with some atomic bindings, and just wanted to grease the tracks so that the varizone sliding mechanism slides a little easier.
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I don't know what exactly is used, but I have a tube of ESS lube for that purpose. Contact me when you're in Whistler next and I can lube up the track.
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thanx for the offer As a matter of fact, I was just up there over the weekend checking out the Turkey Sale. Went up with 4 pairs of skis to sell, sold 2 and bought 2, so ended up coming home with 4 pairs. Hmm, how did that happen?

Got some 1080's for my daughter, SL11's for the wife.

Hopefully I'll be able to unload a couple more pairs at the Vancouver Ski swap this next weekend. It's hard to part with some of your old skis, esp when some of them have some sentimental value. Who would have thought that one could get attached to a pair of skis :
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The lube does not matter that much.

Lithium grease should work fine for the track you are talking about. Or you could use a nice marine lube.

Those tracks aren't lubricated well even new.
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