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Skiing in Canada?

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Hi everybody.
I'd like to plan a trip to Canada between the end of February '05 and beginning of March '05. Now I have some questions.
During my stay I'd like to go Heliskiing for about 3 days. Which resort is the best? Panorama, Golden, Fernie or Whistler? Is there another resort, which you think is better?
What do you think about snow and temperature?
Can you give me some adresses or links of hotels/lodges.
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A few hints

I won't comment on Whistler since I haven't skied it (yet), but I'll toss in a few suggestions on the others. There are heli-ski operations based in/near Panorama and Kicking Horse (Golden). So if you want to go directly from the resort to the helicopter, that will save some time.

Fernie and Kicking Horse both have a lot to offer. Panorama is usually not ranked quite as highly. If you are flying, your gateway city is probably going to be Calgary for the eastern BC resorts or Vancouver for Whistler. It's a long drive from Whistler to Golden in the winter (probably about 10 hours, and even longer if you are heading to Fernie, so you may need to think about your route through the interior. In between the coast and the Columbia are five well regarded resorts (Sun Peaks at Kamloops, Big White at Kelowna, Silver Star at Vernon, Red Mountain at Rossland, and Whitewater at Nelson). There are a number of cat skiing operations in the Kootenays as well as at Revelstoke, so if you were working from an open jaw ticket you could probably spend 3 weeks meandering from Vancouver to Calgary and ski an awful lot of good snow at that time of the year.

The end of February, beginning of March is warmer than January, and is really a peak time for skiing, so don't expect things to be cheap. Your odds for getting reasonable snow conditions are good at that time of the year.

Whistler is a mega-resort (and getting bigger and more expensive each year), so there will be no problem getting high quality accommodation as long as you are prepared to pay for it. Panorama is an Interwest resort, so there are rooms and packages available through the resort website. Fernie is building up fairly rapidly but still has a shortage of quality hotels. Golden is just beginning to metamorphize from a lumber/railway town into a ski resort, so most of the accommodation is pretty basic. The URL for BC Tourism and Accommodation is:


Hope this helps you out. There are two or three other current threads on trips to this area so be sure to read them as well. I'm pretty sure you'll get suggestions from other people in the area too.
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this is a great time for skiing anywhere around here, heres some links bigwhite.com this place is huge with tons of on hill accomadation,, and skisilverstar.com,(amazingly fun steep backside) both these places are abotu an hour and a half apart in the okanagan, southern b.c,, and are worth a visit,sunpeaks ( sunpeaksresort.com/) is another resort in the area that is surprisingly huge (like 4th in canada i think ) it has less snow, but amazing intermediate terrain,, ,

and Banff definetly deserves a mention,,, two main resorts,, best scenery ever, real essence of canadian skiing,in terms of high alpine glacier views,, lake louise and sunshine,, (skilouise.com skibanff.com or for everything skibig3.com) are huge only 50 km apart and together almost as big as whistler, sunshine has best snow,, lake louise has gr8 terrain,, and banff can be loads of fun,,,

have fun
golden has atleast 2 heli operations, and one cat skiing lodge,,
i have posted about the banff/golden area b4 u can look there too
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Great Canadian Heliskiing 1/2 west of Golden on Hwy 1 runs a good show and does 3 day packages which is not that common. They fly A-stars so only 4 skiers/group which has advantages especially if you're on your own. In regards to your question you could do a Fernie Golden combo for the skiing and have a relatively short drive between the 2 and the Great canadian heli skiing nearby. If you do the heli ski at the end of a week the lodge runs a shuttle straight to the airport.
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Revelstoke BC

Most snow
Excellent company
All inclusive packages (Heli – Hotel – Full Board)


For sure not Whistler due to weather and often wet snow especially in March – my opinion
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