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Powder Skis: Atomic Sugar daddy 2005

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Has anyone skied the new 2005 Sugar Daddy yet, I just want to compare them to my 2003 Atomic R ex 177cm (they come to about 3 " over my head!) and help me decide what size. I have a one ski quiver now, and am ready to switch.

I want a more stable ski than my R ex for pow, and the "day after" skied out pow, and crud. I ski the West coast, all conditions, mostly Tahoe, some Mammoth, with an occational Sun Valley or Telluride thrown in, 47 yrs young, male, weigh ~ 155 lbs, 5'6", x-racer, and ski mostly milder off piste, thou I enjoy fast carving on grommers. My "well tuned" (??) R ex's don't accellerate and won't grip well on really hard stuff, in fact they suck on really hard snow (don't get me wrong, they really rock on any soft snow, THE best #1 ski I've ever owned, hands down,) so.... if I can afford it, ....should I replace them with the 2 pair quiver: a) the new 2005 GS11 (166cm or 171cm?) OR , the 2004 R11 BP (170cm or 160cm?) ..........and b) for the second pair: the new 2005 Sugar Daddys (163cm ?) ;

What size for each ski is best?, How does a 2005 163cm Sugar Daddy sound, and a 2004 170cm R11 (160 sounds soooo short ?) : Compared to anyone elses weight and height, what have you experienced ?

: Here's the rub, is the "void" too wide between the different conditions each ski will cover ??

Will the Daddy perform well enough to ski in varied softer condtions, except on the hard snow GS11/R11 days ????!!!

Tell me if the 2004 R11 and the 2005 GS11 are equally good hard snow carvers?

: Thanks, if you want to help, any advice is warmly appreciated. :
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don't take this asa rant. Your the first skier that I have seen post That the Rex lacks edge hold on hard snow. Most seem to describe The Rex as a wide GS ski. I have the same ski a2003 Rex in a 177. IMHO it is one of the best all mountain skis out there. Still your the guy who has to ski them and if your looking for something wider The Sugardaady is a pretty good ski for deep powder. you may want to think about getting last seasons SX 11 Also look for last seasons Sugardaddys.I would keep the Rex That way you have every condition covered.
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I'd recommend the M:11 as your everyday ski on firm snow in 165cm and Sugar Daddy in 163cm . IMO the EX is to long for you. I'm 5'11" 190lbs and enjoy it in 177cm, when I use it. I like my Volkl AX3's in 170cm for everday. I'm 50y/o.
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