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In Search of the All Mountain Ski

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Ive skied Volkl P50 F1 Energy 173s for the past 2 seasons and love the speed and response on the groomers, but sink in the steep crud on Mt Hutt Towers. Have ruled out Volkl T 5* because the 168s chatter on groomers, love the Volkl 7/24 Pro 168s in the crud, but they are 'burly' on the groomers. Will demo Volkl Superspeed 168s this week so should sort that one out. My ski supplier says K2 Recons are where its at, but they are not available to demo.

Any comments on Volkl 'all mountains' vs K2 Recons please?

And having become accustomed to the snap in the tail of Volkls in high speed turns, is there a similar performance all mountain ski that I should be looking at?
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Welcome to the board.

Usually we post gear questions in the Ski Gear Forum section.
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A search in that gear forum for K2 RECON yielded this: http://forums.epicski.com/search.php?searchid=56994

and from gear reviews: http://forums.epicski.com/search.php?searchid=57020
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Welcome fellow NZer.

The ski you are actually looking for is the Dynastar Legend 8000. I went through the same process at the end of last season and the start of this one and demoed the K2 xp (Recon = new graphics, new name, old ski) as well as the 7:24 Pro, and a whole heap of other skis, and for our conditions the 8000 was the clear winner.

I know what you mean about the Pro being "burly", it just felt heavy and slow to me, it was a nice, smooth, cruisy ski but it didn't excite me. I rented a set of XP/Recons for a day at Cardrona late last season but the tips kept on diving under soft snow and they were constantly trying to throw me on my face.

My full review of the 8000 is HERE

BTW I was up at Porters today for their closing weekend and it was VERY wet slush. Bluff face was great fun, but Big Mamma was all slush moguls for the bottom half. The weather forecast for tomorrow isn't looking good though. Note that BR is going to continue to be open weekends only well into November.
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Volkl Superspeeds are Aptly Named

I ventured up Porters today in VERY wet, slushy conditions to demo Volkl Superspeeds on last day of the season. The snow was total crap, but I got enough of a look at the Superspeed 168s to ascertain that they are a truly awesome ski! They are not the all-mountain beast I was hoping for, even though they got through the slush better than my Volkl GS's. It took me one helluva an effort to maintain concentration and energy on these 'Formula One' slicks. They are very responsive and appear to be a true speed ski, therefore better suited to good snow conditions.

I also had a brief experience on a pair of K2 Apache X just long enough to realise that Volkl must own my soul. While I have enough respect for K2 to have purchased two new pair for my wife and daughters last week, once accustomed to the stiffness and whip in the tail of Volkls, I find it hard to ski another brand. Volkl 724 Pros are looking a good option again, although it may be time to break out of the square and look for a specialist 'crud buster'. Two pairs on the roof rack eh? Kind of extravagant.

But thats gonna be next years problem.....roll on summer ice hockey and cricket!

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