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Spray on wax

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So what is everyone's input on spray on wax. is it worth the $10. i baught a bottle and it doesnt seem to be doing too much but i figure it cant hurt and it probably helps protect the bases.

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Spray wax should only be used to get by on a day when your skis are especially sticky and you have no other option. While it won't hurt your skis to use it, it does wear off rather quickly (half day maybe), so it doesn't provide much protection. Hot waxing your skis also allows way to "soak in" to your pourrus (sp) base material. This keeps your ski base from becomming brittle. A hot waxed ski will also typically glide better longer at the application will work for several days rather than several hours.

If you do use the spray way I recommed applying it when she skis are at roome temp. This will make it last longer.
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L7 is right and you'll only get half a day out of it under best conditions. I find if you're skiing on wet snow it's good for about one run.
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