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well, I took the advice of someone on here ( Helluvaskier ) to inline skate during the summer and here is what I found out . First , when I started I could tip my skates on edge but had not idea of how to drop my hips into to turns . So , I would spend one day a weeks just working on carving and a few days just skating on my 5 wheel skates .
For some reason I stated to enjoy my 5 wheel skates so well that I took over a month off before getting back on my 5 wheels skates .
So I come up to this hill while skated and I start to carve like I always have and guess what my hips just dropped into the turn and I could feel myself carving - it was such a nice feeling .
I guess being on the 5 wheels so long and really pushing to skate and dropping from turn to turn made all the difference - my ankles are stonger , my balance is much much better and I can drop my hips and move forward - something I could never do .
I almost purchased a skiers edge but skating is the way to go . Now we will see what happens when I get on the slopes