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Fischer Somatec 9000 Boot

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Shell used one season

Liner Brand New

Size 26.5

Price: $200.00 including shipping

This is a great boot. Bob Barnes has done an excellent review of the boot, he skied in them all last year, and plans to be in the boot this year.


I have switched "repping" to Nordica, otherwise, I would be in this boot again.
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I am very intrigued by this boot being a pronator. But am I incorrect in believing that if you adjust your suspension correctly and get your knee to flex over your big toe that you have remedied pronation alignment issues.i.e. would the Fischer boot with the abducted toe result in just having to do less alignment adjustments due to the fact the boot before alignment adjustments are made is compensating more of the pronation issues. Or due to the abduction design of the Fischer boot, alignment adjustments made in a "regular" boot can't achieve the alignment achievable in the Fischer boot if you are a pronator to begin with?
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I'll take a shot at that, RoundTurns. You are correct that there are other ways of accomplishing much the same outcome as the Fischer's abducted stance--most notably, a highly posted footbed that tilts the ankle out (inverts and supinates the foot). I too am a strong pronator, and I have always used such footbeds, along with 1 to 1 1/2 degrees of canting to help correct my naturally under-edged stance.

With the Fischer boots, my edging feels much more powerful and positive, with less effort, even with zero canting. The Fischer boot's abducted stance will combine with other solutions, achieving similar outcomes with a reduced amount of posting of your insoles. That's a good thing!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Why is it not possible to do this at the binding-to-ski interface?
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It is possible, Comprex, and it has been done. But you're talking about some pretty specialized binding-mounting modifications. And like any modifications to bindings or skis, rather than boots, you will have to do it to every pair of skis you ski on, if you want consistency. And like any ski modification that is left-right specific, you will lose the opportunity to switch skis for even edge wear.

But it can be done!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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