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Base damage from ski iron - how do I fix it?

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So something scratched my ski iron and lifted up some of the metal. When I ironed on the wax, the raised piece of steel dug into my base. Both skis now have circular cuts in them from tip to tail (from when I moved the iron around in circles as I waxed)The cuts are not very deep, but they are still noticeable and will not go away even with 4+ waxes. How do I fix these? Can I bring them to a shop and have them stone ground or something? or will a re-structure fix it?? any other ideas?
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A stonegrind should fix it, I had a nick in one of my skis and a stonegrind took it off.
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Linear structure, slalom structure, and now . . .

┬┐twintip? structure. :

"Has not gone away in 4+ waxes" -> all at once?

I could not really get Toko Base Repair powder to give me tidy results; what has always worked better is to grate up some Swix CH04 or harder in a nut grater and iron that in. Short of actual Ptex, that is.

Your edge files should do a really good job on fixing that iron.

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Stone grind will do the trick, but if it's not too deep, I doubt you'll notice it.

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If you structure your bases yourself I would try that first. If you don't like the looks of it then have it stoneground. The iron should be easy to fix, then alter your ironing technique. Your experience is exactly why the top techs teach to move the iron only in the direction of the structure and not in a circular motion.
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Well if they're not that deep and barely noticable, what's the point of going to so much trouble to get rid of them? It's not like skis don't get scratched up from the snow anyway. Mine have millions of little tip to tail scratches from skiing on eastern snow/ice. The only thing this is going to do in my opinion is slow you down approzimately .000000000000000001 seconds for every run. Unless you're racing, it's not gonna make a difference. Now, if you ARE racing, by all means fix it.

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I disagree with Zachman. The attitude for you as a racer should be to be in the best possible shape, superbly trained in your race discipline, on the best equipment for your racing needs, and that equipment tuned is exact as possible.

Having said that...see a shop that uses one of those computerized ski tuners...but first talk with an expert tech about what has happened to your skis and why...if he says the stone grind will work then proceed...if he says the skis are beyond repair...suck in hard..borrow if you have to...get a job in the spring to pay it off...and go for the new equiment. Your racing years are few and the ski season is too short..so don't short change yourself.
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Find a shop that has a base extruder - effectively, recoating the entire base. The skis are then stone ground to a pattern of choice, and your skis are like new.
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