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Gonzo, PM, Oboe, Heluva

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[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Its really fantastic the benefits one gets from Epic Ski. If one invests some time searching and reading, you learn about excellent stuff that doesn't have strong marketing that most buyers are not aware of. That can lead to excellent deals.*

Without Gonzo, there is no way I find my way to the Zeal Optics website. Because I know Gonzo is a "no nonsense" straight forward individual, his Zeal Rapt suggestion made sense. (Another virtue of the goggle is that they work as OTG googles even though they are not advertised that way.) I am quite pleased.

Without the contribution of Oboe to turn me on to Head, and without Physics Man and Heluva among others, there is no way I buy the XP80 skis. I am set for the current year and have time to take the next step. Because of the low price paid, depending on what I learn, I can still move in several different directions. First, I can add a pair of used western skis if something catches my eye. Second, if I decide there is a great ski that handles works both in the East and the West, I can also get that done during the off season at better prices. Third, it just may work out that the XP80s are the "cat's meow". Thanks again guys.

*Zeal Rapt googles at $35 a pair
*Used XP80 skis at $132

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Originally posted by rvwink:
[QB*Zeal Rapt googles at $35 a pair
*Used XP80 skis at $132[/QB]
Add one:

The benefits of EpicSki: Priceless

Kinda sounds like a good ad for Epic. Only kidding AC & dchan, I know we're serious about the whole copyright thing. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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glad I could help with the no-nonsense goggles advice! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Same here. The best of luck with your new skis. They will almost certainly be great in most conditions except heavy cut-up crud, and for $132, you can hardly go wrong!

Tom / PM
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You mean you actually take me seriously?!! MY GOD! I feel so guilty!
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Hey Oboe

My guess is that you didn't fall in love this weekend with anything you demoed. Can hardly wait to read of your comparison between the Elan S 12 and the Stockli Sprit Free. Btw I doubt that you remember, but I once asked you what you thought of the idea of skiing a woman's version of the iM Monster 70 because I wanted a more flexible ski. You didn't reply.

I tried to look at the details of the Stockli Spirt Free over the weekend. The Stockli website was down. So I googled my way to http://www.swisscarve.com/ read what they have to say about the Spirit Free.

The Spirit Free was a sensation last year and will surely repeat for 2004. Receiving top mentions in Skiing Magazine's 2003 Buyer's Guide as a serious women's all-mountain carver. The Spirit Free boasts a generous footprint and has a sidecut like that of a slalom. A fantastic ski for the upper level woman skier.

So it looks like it started off as a woman's ski and then they decided it had a larger appeal. You don't see it portrayed on the Stockli website as a woman's ski. It really seems like a skier's weight has a huge amount to do with how stiff we like our skis. I found myself wondering how you like the stocklis that bragged that they were the stiffest skis on the planet.

Actually thats why I don't think you will like the Volkls. One other question. Can you put your finger on what qualities a ski has to causes it to ski better 10 centimeters shorter? Is it primarily stiffness?

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Sorry, old chum! I don't remember the request about the Head iM Monster 70 Lightning, but my answer is that I don't know! The Head rep told me that the Lightning and the plain vanilla men's version are pretty much the same, so I don't know what to say about it.

Not all shorter skis feel short, I've discovered. However, it's my understaning that, in a given model, the shorter skis are easier to turn for the same reason that a Mazda Miata is easier to turn than a Mack truck.

But beware, as I've implied - shorter is not always easier.

I did learn a lot about skis this weekend, but I haven't had the time to post a complete report. The Stockli is a very powerful carver, but it's not as quick in shorter turns as other skis, including the Elan Mantis 662. The Volkl Supersport Five Star was a lot of fun, but it actually felt TOO edgy in the bumps, and the Mantis 662 was better there, as well.

I haven't finished testing yet, so the jury is still out. The top skis all are fun in their own way. For me, the most fun was the Mantis 662 - felt smoooooth, comfy and capable of anything, including shorter turns and carving. Considering its generous width, go figure!
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Oboe - I think you need to try a 4 Star, and a Dynastar Omeglass 10.
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Four Star? Why?
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Damn, this is better than Survivor, and American Idol.... Which skis will be eliminated next and why didn't they make the grade? AS THE SKI TURNS. Oboe's quest for ski perfection.

Until the results are posted, I am going get some popcorn and keep checking in. Hopefully Oboe can draw this out over several weeks, that way we can get some suspense going on this thread and maybe attract some new posters as well.

My prediction is that if he demos them, the Elan S-12 wins the competition. It seems wide enough to handle eastern snowy conditions well enough, and with its narrow waist, I can't imagine it not being substantially faster edge to edge than the Mantis and therefore Oboe would enjoy having both a thinking body, a dancing mind and those quick dancing feet.
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Originally posted by oboe:
Four Star? Why?
One of my friends demoed them. Realy liked them. Would have bought a pair if they weren't sold out of her size. She demoed all of the Star skis, and thought the 4 was the best one in the bumps. It just seems like one you'd like.
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