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Fall splender

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Just spent the past 5 days in Colorado. Flew directly into Steamboat. My Son took us up to Buffalo Pass where there was still about 10" of the almost 2 feet they got left. Drove most of the way but hiked the rest where some jibbers were doing their thing on a makeshift jump and rail. The top of Storm peak was white as was most of the tops above 9500 ft.

Drove over Rabbit Ears down to Summit County Sunday last. Snow on the pass and all the peaks of Summit. Set off by the Gold of the Aspens and green o the conifirs. Awesome. Picked up our passes at Keystone, hit Gart Bros. and a few other shops,had a Quiznos and headed back to the Boat.

Turned off highway 9 just before Kremmling and drove down to Gore Canyon. Stopped at Pumphouse and Radium just to reminess about a raft trip my Wife and I made back in 81. Colorado River is still flowin as it was then. The memories were flowing also. How time flies.

Headed down to 131 to get back to Steamboat stopping to gaze at the splender of the Aspens and willows along the River. Then the splender of the trees along the Yampa into town.

Next day found us driving up to Steamboat Lake and the Elk River Valley. If you don't know what real natural beauty is, you need to spend some time in the Elk River Valley. We spent the day hiking up Gold Creek 3 or 4 miles to Gold Creek Lake. Found a little bit of Heaven up there.

Spent the next day doing a little shopping after breakfast at the Creekside Cafe, then spent the rest of the day hiking Hauns peak and that area.

Just wanted to say how beautiful Colorado is and especially with the Aspens in full color. You who live there are very lucky.
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Go north young man. Vermont/New Hampshire are spectacular. Aspens are only yellow and gold. In Vermont, you get yellow, gold, red, orange and a few tent catipillars thrown in.

If the season is to be based on colors then we are going to have a good one.

Article on local news last night on how to measure when mapel leaves have reached their peak color. According to a couple in Vermont, the peak color in maple leaves occured at 8:43 Monday morning.
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Yes, Bryan, go North! (When ya gonna visit?)

It's funny.....last year the leaves were in peak color October 8th (I made a mental note because it was so fantastic). This year, the maples in our yard haven't even begun to turn -yet. They're still green. We're in a valley, so that might have something to do with it.

But I remember the colors were a lot more vibrant last year. This year seems a little washed far!
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While aspens are mostly yellow, golden, and orange, in some cases you can get some turning red. Last fall we spent a weekend in Crested Butte and saw some stands of red aspens.

While the colors may not be as deep/varied as in the northeast, set against the soaring craggy mountains under a bright blue sky, fall in Colorado is an amazing time.
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I never take the beauty of the Colorado mountains for granted - ever! Every day is a new postcard to live in.
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I am envious of you all! Enjoy. Summer? what's that?
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Lars, last Sunday was a perfect Colorado fall day. You were in Keystone, damn, we were too.

Skicrazy, agree!
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It seems like up here the colors are stronger than last year, and maybe we've already hit peak, but there are still a lot of maples that haven't changed yet.
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I posted on a few threads that I would be in Summit County Sunday Kima, Coulda hooked up. Have tried to hook up with the Crazy's a few time but it didn't work out. Will be back again in Early January.

I took at least 128mb's of pictures. Many loaded with fall foilage. I was intrigued by the amount of red topped Aspens. There were alot around Buff pass and Fish Creek.

Around here, we've had a real dry September other than the Hurricain rains. The leaves aren't even close to peak yet.
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Darn it, Lars..this year is the year we get together! As soon as you have some firm dates, let me know and I'll mark my calendar.

Looking forward to seeing you THIS season!
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Me too!
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I'll let everyone know ahead of time, then hopefully we can hook up for some turns and apre'ski.
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I just got back from a trip up into Wyoming and Idaho. This time of year is so special. The colors this season seem to be better then they have been in years. The Aspen and the Cottonwood trees are really showing thier stuff. Even the evening sky was showing off. I was in Swan Valley just south west of Jackson Hole and saw a spectacular sunset. Antelope,Deer and Moose are all moving to the lower valleys. Geese and Ducks are starting to head south. All good signs that Winter willl soon be here. The Tetons have to be some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. When the cares of the world are getting to me It is times like this that I once again realize how lucky i really am to live in the mountains.
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I was looking out the window from my office in Greenwood Village, CO. There is not a cloud in the sky. Mt. Evans and the Divide are just glowing white covered in snow. It won't be long now....
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I'm looking out my window in Flemington, nj, It's 12:54 pm, the temp is 74 and it's green with just a touch of some colors beginning. I need cold weather fast! I'm melting......
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Wednesday the trees were starting to change around Lake George. Tuesday we're taking the boats out. It won't be long now.

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Originally Posted by scaryfast
I was looking out the window from my office in Greenwood Village, CO. There is not a cloud in the sky. Mt. Evans and the Divide are just glowing white covered in snow. It won't be long now....
I know! It is a beautiful morning. Briight sunshine, white mountains, yes!
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Sometimes we all take the everyday things for granted and need to take time to take in natures beauty. This past week was just so special for me at a time when I really needed to get into the Wild. I was getting really depressed not having a vacation since last April. And most of allcaught up in this debacle of political reteric and the everyday constant Dubya and the war crap.

The beauty and splender of the Colorado winderness, the hikes up Hauns Peak, Gore Canyon, Buffalo Pass and most of all the hike up Gold Creek to Gold Creek Lake. The smells of the Spruces, the Aspens as they dropped their leaves, the Creek as it dropped foot by foot into the Elk River. The stillness of the water in the Lake reflecting the snow capped peaks of the Zirkel Wilderness. We sat there for what seamed like hours, only the threat of an approaching thunderstorm and late afternoon made us start back down.

Made me appreciate life as it really is and change my focus. Being in snow for the first time this year only made it more special.

Life is good!

Now bring on Winter.
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