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On the way to Steamboat

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Is there any other ski resorts that are nearby to Steamboat? I'll be traveling to Steamboat in January but flying into Denver. Just curious if there is a ski resort on the way fm Denver to Steamboat that would not be out of the way and worth maybe 1/2 day of skiing.
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There is nothing real close to Steamboat (except Howelson Hill in Steamboat).

That being said, if you take I-70 from Denver to Silverthorne and plan to head north on Hwy 9, you will pass Loveland at the top of the pass. Loveland is a hoot. At the Loveland exit, you can catch the "old" road up over Loveland Pass and on the way down you will drive right by A-Basin and Keystone. If you take I-70 to US 40 towards Granby, you will pass Winter Park/Mary Jane and then up by Granby you will pass Silver Creek.

My pick wold be Loveland or A-Basin.
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What he said !!! The one time (and LAST time) I did the drive from Denver instead of flying into Steamboat, we took the route past Winter Park. It took us about 3.5 hours to get to Steamboat from Denver. Wtach your speed too, there were some state troopers out there running radar in a couple blind corners.
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