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Volkl 724 Pro

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Quick question for anybody out there. I'm in the market for Volkl 724 pros. I'm 5' 10" weigh 175. I've been skiing since I was 5 (27 years) and can make it down anything. Do a good number of bump runs, but I'm looking for a good all mountain ski that I can get some speed and stability on as well. Contemplating between 177 and 170 in the 724 pro. Any thoughts on whether I should go 177 or 170? Thanks everybody.
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My bud skies this stick-his comments are that it's a really stiff board (I flexed it, seems true to me) with great edgehold and begs to go fast and furious. He skies a lot off-piste too and took the length in about his height, so for you this would mean the 177 if you intend to venture off the groomed.

Third hand info, but hope it's an indication.
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Only reason to go 170 would be small hills, short runs.
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To consider this ski, you must be a very good and aggressive skier. It is big, powerful and loves long sweeping turns on soft snow. This is not a ski for cruising blues at Killington. Unlike the 6******, this is a ski to be skied long. ...a race ski with a wide base. Be ready to put the pedal to the metal, and take on Great Scott with your hair on fire...or leave these skis on the rack.
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Here we go again, at 175lbs this ski in 177cm IMO is to big for you. You need to ski this ski short. I have a BIG buddy 6ft 280lbs that skis it in 177cm. He doesn't do bumps or off piste, but he has been known to look like a runnaway freight train coming down the hill. He knows how to ski and has good form. These skis rock.

IMO your better off on the 724 EXP. in 170cm Get it in 177cm if you tend to like high speed more. I have AX3's in 170cm I'm 190lbs and ski the whole mountain. 65+ days a season.
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My vote is for 177. Too often I think everyone gets caught up in the short short short of it. I've had fun on this ski in 177 (I'm close to your size), hauled a** on the 184 and disco'd on the 170. Then again, I'm not a big fan of shorter turns unless forced into it by a birch or fir. Hub skis these in a 191 (6' 200 lbs) but admits that the 184 might be more fun for him.
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I think a lot depends on how and were you ski. I am 5'8" @ 180 and I got the 184 flat at the end of last season. I haven't skied them yet, but I know I won't have any problems turning them.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity
Here we go again, at 175lbs this ski in 177cm IMO is to big for you.
For heavens sake, it's not like these are G4's or Explosiv's! And if they were, I'd say 178 for the G4 and 180 for the V-Ex...so why go shorter on a narrower, softer ski? 724 Pro's are demanding compared to other skis in their class, but not so stiff when compared to true big mountain boards. I vote 177-cm and no shorter...
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I've got a chance to pick up a brand new set of G4s (188 cm) for about US $400. Is that such a good price that I shouldn't pass them up?
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
I've got a chance to pick up a brand new set of G4s (188 cm) for about US $400. Is that such a good price that I shouldn't pass them up?
$400 for a ski that was discontinued 2 seasons ago seems like a bit much to me...
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My first, and last, reaction? 177

And now, for the second thought portion of my response: Will the 7 24 Pro's be your one and only ski? My answer may change depending on your answer.
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Pro 724

Hi, I'm also looking for 724 Pro. I am 26 years old, skied since I was 6, 180 lbs and 5'11. Currently I ski on Volk P40 GS in 193 cm, so I have decided to go with 184cm, not 177 as many people suggest. The reason is I love to ski GS style with big turns, also I want to take them to the backcountry and I'm sure 184 will be more stable in the deep snow. If you ski short turns on small hills then 177 probably will be better. Nevertheless you should demo them and decide for your self what you like. I know for sure, I will not consider 177 for demo.
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724 Stiff?

As most have said herein, the model and length of ski depends highly on what type of skier one is, how tall and heavy one is, and where one skis.

But IMHO, there seems to be an overrating on the stiffness of the 724 PRO. It's not that stiff. I was on a 184 last year and thought it was too soft, and got deflected in the powder and crud and I'm 184, 5'9". H*ll, my wife (5"7' 135 lbs - I'm sure I'm in trouble for that) skis a 177 PRO and a 176 Gotama.

My work ski was a 188 AX4 for the first part of the season then a 183 Gotama and a 182 Superspeed for the the later part of the season. Although the PRO is very good ski, it flexed about 14-16" down from the tip and 12-14" up from the tail, which allowed the ski to get deflected in the crud and powder. The AX4 did none of this, as well as the Gotama.
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