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Tent Repair!!!

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OK guys.. My lovely Kelty tent (a big one that sleeps 8-6) has some damage, a tear and canine teeth marks in it!!

I made the mistake of tying my big boy(X-large 115 black lap, big mouth) up on the side of the tent where he couldn't see anyone and was grapping the tent and trying to shake it!

The Fly has a rip at the bottome part!(currently duck tape) and the soft breathable fabric of the tent has his Teeth marks on one side and puncture marks on the other side(both are were the poles are).

Right now it is all Duck taped and since camping season is over for us (too cold for the girls) I want to get it repaired!! That was an expencive TENT TOO!!

All I could do was to shame him for doing that and moved his massive butt to a spot he could see all the people! Luckly, my dog doesn't bark unless he thinks something is wrong and many of the people camping addored him! He recieved a lot of treats from people too!! lolololol
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Quite a few of the better camping goods stores will at least be able to put you in touch with someone who repairs backpacks and tents. Failing that, you may want to do it yourself or risk a luggage repair place.

Material such as ripstop is available online from Seattle Fabrics. It sounds as though you might be able to do the repair yourself as the zipper was not affected, and your new stitching possibly won't affect the water shedding much since the damage is to the pole sleeve. Take a look at the silicone ripstop page. I am not a very great fan of glue-on patches, but they might work for you.
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Support Your Local Bear

Try Penny - She posts in here, though I haven't seen her for a while.

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Bolide, Thank you for the links! I sure that will work on the tarp but the Tent part it might not work. The fabric for the tent around the support poles is a light weight breathable fabric (would never keep rain out). I mostly want those repaired to keep the bugs out and keep the holes from getting bigger.
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Dirt! Thank you too! I am checking out her sight!

In my area tent repair is a hard thing to find, unless you have mucho bucks!

The place I bought my tent from said that Kelty should have repair kits available online so I am going to check that out also.
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Try REI for repair kits.

You can check them online at rei.com as well
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Thank you dchan!

I can sew a little so I might end up trying to fix it myself after all! Now any sugestions on how to remove Ducktape without making the holes bigger????
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Wrap it around a big screwdriver to peel it. (No. 3 Pozidriv works well ) Then use Goo Gone on the residue.
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AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Thank you Bolide!!!

This is a picture of the spoiled-oversized-moose-of-a-baby-horse-dog! You can image how big his mouth is... and the holes! *sigh*
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