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dirty bases.

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i dunno if my little brother was skiing in mud puddles or what...but he's got tons of dirt in his bases...

edit: i found that wipin 'em down w/ a wash cloth immediately after a hot wax took the dirt out like nobody's business...

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i was thinking kerosene....
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Probably the best way to clean your bases is to hot wax and scrape before the wax has fully hardened. However sometimes the bases are too dirty to do that.

I once used to ski in an indoor ski facility where the snow was very dirty, so contacted one of the ski manufacturers about appropriate ways to clean the bases. They were very good with my request, and even gave me the contacts of their plastic manufacturers. Anyway, they said kerosene was fine to clean the base.


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Auxcrinier: You should have taken those skis to the car wash....Just kidding.

I use a product called DeSolve it. It is a citrus based product that is biodegradable and won't destroy your ski bases as mineral spirits/turpentine, or other pertrolium distillates.Available in hardware stores.

If you use turp. or mineral spirits, they can be harsh on your base, even the stuff Swix promotes as a base cleaner, they all need to be removed quickly after use, then use the "scape the warm wax " method to get all the gunk out of the bses, clean and dry once more, now you are ready to wax a clean base.
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