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Well, after having two years exploring the "dark side" of winter sports (snowboarding) I have decided to reintroduce the two planks to my feet. I will continue to board but there were those days last year where I really wished I just had some ski's to play on as well. I am looking for opinions on some decent intermediate ski's that I wont grow out of too fast. I also need them to be more on the fatter side of the spectrum because when I am on the ski's I will be doing more backcountry I am thinking. I did a demo day last year and the only ski that stood out for me was a set of pocket rockets. I know that there is a huge love/hate relationship with these but I had the most fun on them even though they were too short for me at 155. (I am 6 foot and 185 lbs)

With that being said, I would like some ideas on other ski's to choose from. I need a ski that can be all mountain if you would like to call it. Something that does okay in virtually anything thrown at it. I live in the pacific northwest but have a one week trip to Utah planned this year. The snow here is pretty heavy, even when the powder comes.

Thanks for the responses beforehand!