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Skins attachments for Pocket Rockets

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I love touring with my Pocket Rockets. However fitting skins to them is difficult! I would appreciate some advice as to how fellow tourers fit skins to their pocket rockets.

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My buddies use the Black Diamond Accension skins, but when they place the front loop in the skins they turn the loop upside down. This means the metal bar lays on top of the skis, while the blue rubber peice is folded between the two layers of the climbing skin. It seems to work pretty well, but it is still no match for the notches Nordica was clevar enough to insert into their beast line of skis
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Lou Dawson's WildSnow.com site has a good fix for this here. I'd suggest a good reading of his site generally too, as he has lots of good info there.
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Thanks for your help. That was terrific.

Although the late, great season of 2004 is basically over with the last lifts closing here this weekend, we intend to do some backcountry skiing into Novemeber and hopefully December and this advice will be very useful.
Have a good season.
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A solid bar (vs. a cable) looping over the toe really makes a big difference. While looping the metal cable through the skins and placing the bar of the ski is a simple solution it seems like it will wear on the skin fold over time.

I found a very simple solution costing less than a buck or two using the Black Diamond cable loop attachment. Leave the metal bar looped throught the skins as it is intended. Get some PVC toilet water supply line (very thick, just the right diameter, and just a few cents). Cut a slit in the pvc tube lengthwise (be careful, use a sharp razor knife, and stabilize the tube with something other than your hand, i.e. a vice). Don't worry if the cut spirals a bit as that just gives more reassurance it can't come off. Cut pieces of the tube the width of the ski tip where it will cross the tip. Force open the slot in the tube and thread it onto the cable.
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BTW, on the tail I use the standard Black Diamond clip that is found on the Glide Lite skins. On occasion it may slip on the rounded tail a bit. I have been meaning to attach a bungy cord from the clip to the rear of the binding to stabilize it (or file a little notch for it). Perhaps this thread will motivate me to do so.
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It worked! We put a G3 rat tail bottom and follwed your advice on the loop and flat bar for the top and it was great!

Even on very wet snow north facing snow (I am in the Southern hemisphere!) where the snow was rotton and the skis slipped the skins stayed on!

Thanks for your help.
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