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Buying skis in Canada?

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Has anyone from the U.S. had an experience with purchasings skis from a retailer in Canada? Can you save soem extra money due to the exchang rate? Any Bears in Canada have a ski shop that they would recomend for deals?

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Currently the the list price is lower on skis taking in to account exchange. Plus if you buy from an online retailer you don't pay the taxes we have to pay (15-7 %). For Canadian list prices see . List not out for this year but still a good reference. Other than that I know is based out Toronto area ( nothing on the site other than the area code) but all the prices are given in US $ if given at all. The place I've gotten all my best deals is Sportmart but their site won't ship to the States. They generally don't have high end stuff but sometimes will pretty go stuff in the stores but that won't show up on their site. Sorry not a lot of help.
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Another Canadian site is (Vancouver and Whistler)
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I haven't done a lot of online comparison of prices but is Comor cheaper than the States?
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Was checking out G41's ( They didn't have the size, this is last week) and the price that they were selling them for was 577 U.S. That was before a discount, seeing as it was way after season. But I don't know when duties kick (total dollar amount). Then again to go to B.C. and get a Seaward kayak there is much cheaper than through a States dealer.
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I have been getting all my stuff in Canada now since last season. I live near Buffalo NY so going to canada is no problem for me. Not sure what happens when you get stuff shipped from Canada. I go to a place that is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from me In Oakville. At the end of last year I bought Atomic 9.20 race ski's and after curency conversion they were only $320 and thats with the PST tax included which you dont get back unless you buy over $650 canadian but you do get the GST tax back at boarder crossing. Just 2 days ago bought Atomic Race boots, last years models real cheap and this years Atomic race 3.10 bindings and they were cheaper than you can get in USA. But now you all no my new secret.
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Thanks for the help. I have been looking at getting some fat skis this season.With the Great exchange rate i thought that i might get a good deal in Canada.Again thank you Brother Bears

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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How Fat? If 1/3rd of the way from a bandit xx to xxx is fat enough there are good deals on Fischer Mountain Xs around here- 109-78-98. But not a real fatie
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I had good luck with Comorsports. Picked up some xscreams at a good price.
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Thanks Doug, I saw that on the sports mart web site and they only show it in a 186 or 191 I am looking for something arond 180 or so.but i did seethe axis x and witha money conversion to US dollars it is a hell of a deal.It would be around $445.00 US.Cheapest Ihave seen it here is $570.00. But like you pointed out sports mart will not ship to the USA.I am going to e mail Ski trader and see what they come up with.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Utah, Is that a good price on the axis? If you can't do better than that I could do the shipping for you. You'd have add 7% for GST and shipping of $20 us but if that still a good deal.
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Last year I bought 3 pairs of skis from Wild Willies in Whistler B.C..

The price was very competitive. Unfortunately I had to have them shipped down, and UPS tacked on about $40/pair in "customs fees".

If you can drive up to pick up the skis, they've got great prices. Based on my experience, though, shipping is another matter entirely.

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doug Thanks for the offer i may take you up on that arrangment.If you purchased them on the net would the tax still apply? And do they have the mountainx in the store in a shorter size?

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Utah, tax applies if they ship to a Canadian address but in Alberta that is only 7% GST. So if you buy from you would play no tax but I would. Now if you come up and buy you can get the taxes back. So if I bought and shipped there would be no way of getting out of tax. I get an extra discount so that is the amount I would pocket to buy beeer.
On the Mtn Xs, have been able to locate One pair of 181!!! didn't know they existed. Have put pair on hold. If want please advise. Well they have one pair at the store I usually go, may be another in City and some back east. Even some 176s back east but have pay for before they'll ship to local store.Thinking maybe a pair of 176 s for wife but she already has a pair of Power Karves.
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On shipping I've shipped 4 pairs from Alberta to CA and CO and never spent including insurance more than $30.00 can or $20 us. One of those was a pair of 193 Merlin VIs to Herman ( sometimes here but mostly a Powder regular)
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Don't ship via fedex, ups etc., they will tack on customs fees, use the postal service and i believe the customs clearance problem goes away. At least shipping from US to Canada, this method makes the customs fees disappear. No guarantees Cliff will get the package to your door though...
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Jo , Your exactly right for US to Can. teh brokerage fees from UPS are killers. But the shippments I made down to the states the receivers had no problems
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Ok, if you buy mail order from Canada, and there is a problem with the skis, what happens next ?

You send them back at your expense, or will the local retailer that charged you extra to mount your bindings be your advocate with the manufacturer ?

Unless you can easily go across the boarder, and develope a relationship with someone in Canada, I don't see how you save all that much ?

I used to spend a lot of time in SE Michigan, Detroit is right across from Windsor. It is at least 45 minutes to get to Canada and through customs. Then you are limited in what you can bring back on the same day, there will be duty, unless you ship, and then the taxes, and then all the forms to get the Canadian taxes refunded.

Frankly, if you pay yourself $40.00/hour for your time, that means you must save at least $100.00 or more dollars off of the best US prices to make it worth while.

I don't see mail order, with all the shipping costs as being much of a deal. So unless you are coming back from a two day trip to Toronto, and will pick your skis up at the ski shop [ assuming they are open on Sunday,] I can't see where it is worth the hassel except to tell everyone about the really great deal you got on those skis from Canada. Really ?
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I was in Windsor two weeks ago, it took five minutes to cross the border. Shipping should only cost about 25.00 bucks CDN. Don't buy skis from a ski shop or, more importantly a ski shop in Toronto. Don't get your skis mounted, have them mounted when you get home. Unless your doing your ski shopping while at work, i think that 40 per hour is a bit steep, I'll do your ski shopping for 30 bucks an hour if you would like? Don't buy Rossi's and your warranty troubles should be avoided.
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Wink you consider ski shopping WORK?? I dont i love going ski shopping, looking at all the latest stuff. For me going to Canada was a no brainer for a couple of reasons. 1 there open allready, went last week, all the ski shops around here dont open for another month and if there is a place open they dont have crap in stock yet. 2 ifyou buy over 650 canadian you get ALL the tax back. There is GST at 7% and PST at 8% at least in Ontario. You get GST back right at border and if over 650 before taxes you get a simple form to fill out to get PST tax back, so you ened up with no tax at all.Big savings right there. With money conversion you save even more. Now this of course applies for people who live near border like me. I Never shipped anything so i cant comment.

Wink I will go ski shopping for you for free, just send me some money and i buy for you. <FONT size="1">

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Dc9mm and Jo Canada,
I read your posts and the points you made are well taken. I know you get refunded on the Canadian taxes, but what about US customs duty beyond the daily alotment per person for a day trip to Canada.

I am under the impression that the amount that you can bring into the US duty free is a lot less than if you stay in Canada 48 hours.

What we need now is an example of how much money, in US dollars you really save after all the hassels.

Is it 100 or 150 US dollars per pair of skis?

Do either of you have some specific example/s that show how the numbers work ?

If in fact, they are good examples of significant savings, then I am sure others would want to know, and take advantage of the situation.

Thanks Wink

PS.Downstate S.E. Michigan, I live 5 minutes from Don Thomas Sporthause, 12 from Boyne Country Sports @ Sq. Lake and Telegraph, 18 from their Novi SuperStore with all the automated tuning machines, 25 minutes from Nichols Sport Shop in Waterford, 17 minutes from the Performance Zone, it is about the same time for me to get to downtown Rochester as it is to the US side of the tunnel, assuming no tie ups on the John Lodge.

In Northern Michigan, where I spend a great deal of time, once in TC there is a Boyne Country Sports, Brick Wheels, and the Don Orr's Skihause.

So the saving numbers have to be big to get me to go to Canada.
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But is there any US customs duty on ski stuff? With NAFTA I don't think there is. What Canadians have to pay is GST and PST on the return trip across the border for amounts above the duty free limit. There is no value added tax in the States. So if bringing back K2s there would be not tax at all.
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There are often real good deals on last years skis at Whistler in the Summer time. Like way cheaper than Seattle prices. However, Going to Whistler to buy skis doesn't really save money when you have to also pay for lodging, sushi, Kokanee beer, wrecked rental mountain bikes, cuban cigars, photo radar speeding tickets, and tips to strippers and shot girls.
So you save no money shopping in Canada for skis. Wink you might as well stay at home in Detroit.

The real deal with US customs- Drive back into the states from Vancouver, they ask you your citizenship. That's it. Sometimes they ask if you bought anything. I've brought back skis and boots they don't really care.
But tell them you are bringing back (legally mind you) codeine tylenols or muscle relaxants and they kind of flip out.

US postal service packages- customs service will occasionally open packages from Canada and add customs duties + a $15 postage due fee to to your shipment.
Canadian taxes- You can get your GST tax refunded at the border for purchases and lodging (at duty free shop, buy some whiskey and chocolate while you're there) but you have to pay your provicial tax. Mail order you don't have to pay either tax.
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Yes that is the other "sin " tax the "sushi, Kokanee beer, wrecked rental mountain bikes, cuban cigars, photo radar speeding tickets, and tips to strippers and shot girls " tax. For the Americans under 21 there is the " get into bars, drink 5% beer, see naked ladies, get hangover" tax. Maybe in a few years there is the possibility of a "legally get stoned" tax. That one will be called the Dutch Tax. There is no refund of any of these taxes at the border sorry.
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Unfortunately you live next to the armpit of Canada, i get to say that cause i spent 6 years going to university and working there. Windsor only has one ski shop, and it is expensive. I think that discount ski shopping is where you will save the big bucks. It is well worth the effort to call sport check and find out if they have a 99 dollar ski sale, like they do here in Calgary. The 99.00 dollar ski's are usually at least one or two seasons old. But you will find deals like I did last year, Viper Mountain X's mounted with bindings for 299.00. Boots and bindings are usually a great deal. Check with National Sports in Windsor as well, call and ask what they are carrying in high end equipment you may be surprised. Its hit and miss with the chain stores, but you will save a ton if they have something you want. I remember the same equipment that i purchased at National Sports cost less than half as much as what i would have paid in NH and VT, and the exchange rate was more favourable at that time 1.34 as compared to 1.52 or so now. The trick is to know what you want. I have never payed more than 300 bucks CDN for a pair of skis, and they have never been older than two seasons and their original list price has always been 800 or more. Some people are fortunate to not have to worry about money, some of us have to look for bargains to get more days on the mountain.
Even though Windsor is the armpit of Canada they are situated next to one of the finest freshwater fisheries in the World. I miss the smallmouth....

p.s. Don't tell Helms, oh' thats right they finally put him out to pasture.
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There is no duty tax when coming over the border for ski's or boots. So the only tax you end up paying is if you buy under$650 canadian before tax you dont get back the PST tax which is 8%, but you do get back the GST tax which is 7%. Example buy ski's for $350 Canadian they tax you at store 15% (GST+PST) stop at border get GST tax back right on the spot in cash(7%). But you wont get PST tax back(8%) because you only spent $350 canadian. Now if you spent 700 canadian you would get GST tax back right at the border and get a form to fill out for the PST which they mail to you. No DUTY tax at border. But not all ski shops in Canada have good prices even with the money conversion.

One other thing if you spend under i think 200 canadian you dont get any tax back at all, i think its 200 canadian but not sure. <FONT size="1">

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Thanks JoCanadian for the scoop about the Windsor ski shops. If I did go over to buy skis, I would make part of a trip to visit the Windsor Casino. Are there any other places in Canada that they have CASINO GAMBLING?

We wouldn't have gambling in Detroit [ that is positively absolutely the last thing all those well fare " double dippers" need to do with my and your tax dollars ]if it wasn't for Windsor opening a Casino.
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Casino Windsor has exactly 128.0 dollars of my money, and i am still waiting for them to give it back?? To answer your question, there is a Casino in the Niagra area to absorb funds from Buffalo. We have a few low grade Casino's here and there, mostly on reserves. Windsor and Niagra are the only two which exhibit the fromage of Vegas.
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