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Whistler/Blackcomb in December

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I'm thinking of spending 5 days at W/B around 15-20 December. While there, I would like to take a class or two. I see a multitude of classes available. Does anybody have any recommendations as to which would be the best 3 or 4 day class to start my season with?

On the topic of lodging, I am dreaming the impossible dream: I am hoping that I can find inexpensive lodging. I've read comments in here hinting that winning the lottery is more likely than finding cheap lodging at W/B, but I dare to hope. I don't mind hostels, if there is one handy. Any suggestions? Am I delusional?
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Whistler Hostel

There is an International Hostel in Whistler. Price is $24 to $28 Canadian per night depending on membership status. I would suspect you will need to book fairly quickly. Here is the URL:
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Dave Murray Ski Camps are by far the least expensive 3 day lessons you could ever have. Catch is that you have to be at least a strong intermediate. I believe the SHoestring lodge could still be open in December.

More on the murray Camps here -
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