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Going to Vail/Keystone/Breck this spring

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My room mate and i are planning on a trip to the Keystone area this spring (Mid March). I havent been out there in about 5 years and im wondering the cheapest way to buy lift tickets out there. We are looking at 6 days of skiing. Loding and plane tickets are taken care of so the only thing we have to buy are passes and food. Is it cheaper to get the 10 day pass for all 4 resorts out there, or would it be cheaper to actually buy our tickets for each day? It looked like they were about the same price on the website. I figure someone that skis in the area often will be able to offer some good receommendations as to where to get tickets.
Thanks for the help
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Get the Vail resorts 4 day deal for $99, and the Copper 4 day for $69.

Then you can ski 6-8 days for $168. Copper, A-Basin, Breck, Keystone, Vail, Beaver.

That's 6 days @ $28 per, but those deals need to be purchased soon.
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Where can i buy those tockets. I just checked the Vail/beaver creeek/breack/keystone site (www.snow.com) and they have a 4 day pass listed for $292. Let me know where i can locate those prices.
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You may be too late. I think the cut off for the 4 passes was last weekend.

An alternative is the A-Basin bonus pass. Its an A-Basin season pass plus 4 days at breck/keystone plus one vail/beaver day. Thats $220 I think.

You can order em online at arapahoebasin.com
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I found a link to it in the resorts/conditions section here. The official discount tix thread.
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I made a trip out that way last year and there are many ticket alternatives. Unfortunately, most of the better deals have restrictions of some type or another and most have early purchase requirements. I ended up buying through Vail Resort's PEAK club which has pretty good prices and is always available as long as you purchase at least 2 weeks in advance. It allows you to ski at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Keystone, and A-Basin. I thought it was a great deal.

You definitely do not want to purchase your tickets daily at the window. I paid about $160 to ski for 5 days using my PEAK card.
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1. stop at a king soopers in denver on the way out.
2. look for shops in dillion and frisco offering discount tickets.
3. go to the annual ski convention in your city and see if anyone is offering free lift tickets.

i'd sign up with peaks on snow.com and get the 10 day pass though.
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Some Safeway stores in Denver have discount tickets for Summit County, also Vail and Beaver Creek. We normally buy our tickets at the Safeway at 48th and Chambers which is just a few blocks off the 48th St. exit on the road leading from DIA to I-70. Last year the manager there didn't have a clue what tickets to sell us so we bought them at the Safeway in Idaho Springs which is just off I-70 on the way to Breck. This guy was very knowledgeable and helpful. In the past the Safeway in Frisco had discount tickets to Copper Mtn., but don't know if that still is available. That Safeway DOES NOT have discount tickets to Summit County ski hills.

Onward and Upward!
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I think the 4Pass deals can only be purchased in Denver for all the resorts. At least, that's true for Copper.

That leaves you with possibly buying a season pass to save some cash. A Breck/Keystone buddy pass will include 10 days at Vail and usually costs $299. A Copper/Winter Park Pass is $329. Likewise, the A Basin Bonus pass is $229 and includes 4 days at Breck/Keystone + 1 day at Vail, or all 5 days at Breck/Keystone. I think you can order all these online.

If you're still undecided, then you can always get discounted tickets from local places when you arrive. The easiest places to go to are the grocery stores - Safeway and City Market. You'll save 10 - 25% off the window rate.

Or, you can buy them at the window and possibly save on multiple days if you purchase everything at once. Various ski areas run different promotions throughout the year so it's hard to say what kind of discount you'll get like that. It's not uncommon to see a deal where you get the third day free if you buy 2 (non-transferable).
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more info for you

Last year City Market in Dillon had the 4 day Key/Breck/A-basin for $119 discounted from the regular 4day which includes some Vail usage for $159 or so.

The equivalent for this year has not been posted yet.

For 10 pak - notice the fine print, the first day of the 10 pak must be used by Jan 31st in order for it to be honored.

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The 4 days at Breck and Keystone sound good, plus the one day at Vail... We are skiing for 6 days that week, so we can just buy a day pass for Vail on the last day or something. What website will have those deals up?
Thanks for all the help so far - It sounds like there are a lot of options out there as far as where and how long you can ski. If i end up with the 10pack i might have to make a trip with my dad and brother as well...
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snow.com should get you to where you want for "online" lift tickets.
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I just picked up our Colorado passes last Sunday. $349 a piece. Unlimited ABasin, Keystone,Breck and ten days at Vail/Beaver Creek, with some blackout days at Vail. The cut off date for the four passeswas last week. The ten pass is a good deal but you must use at least one day before January otherwise it's invalid. Got a Copper card and a steamboat card. Just waiting for snow.
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Whatever you do, if you can avoid it, don't buy any tickets at Vail/Breck/Keystone at the window. There will be no discounts at the window this year, even for multiday tix. If you buy from them, you MUST buy in advance and online to get the best deals. They do have pretty good prices if you buy more than 14 days in advance.

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The unlimited A Basin, Breck, Keystone plus 10 days at Vail has to be the best deal going at $349. The 10 day Vail deal is almost the same price. Is the $349 pass, a locals only deal, or can out of state skiers get it too?

I somehow managed to get a Colorado Card 5-6 years ago, living here in Pa. It saves me a lot of money. If you can possibly wait until April, Vail has the 6 day ticket again April 3 or 6th till closing , at $109 ! Not bad.
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