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Kid to Adult Skis?

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My 14yr old daughter who is currently on some 145cm 1080 groms. She's about 157cm tall, 107 lbs and probably about a level 7 skier. We usually put in a good 40-50 days a season. She spends most of her time skiing in the trees or off the sides of the trails. She's gone through a growth spurt this last year and her current skis now only come up to her chin.

I'm debating whether it's time to move up to a longer ski or even an adult ski. It will definitely be a twin tip of some type(1080, Scratch, ????). I was thinking maybe even an adult twintip 150-160 range? Any advice on whether to keep her in junior skis or move up to adult skis. Also any length suggestions. I've heard that one should size a bit longer when sizing for a twin?
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The newer 1080s are designed to be skied a little shorter than the old ones. Both of my grown kids have them & love them. The SpaceFrame 1080 is years ahead of the old model when it comes to all-mountain performance. My daughter has them in a 161cm and bombs around the mountain on them. My daughter is 166cm, 130#. The 151cm version would be ideal for your daughter now but she might outgrow them quickly if she is still growing.
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