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Old Bindings

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I just picked up an old (10 years)pair or Marker MRs. I've always loved this binding, so when I recently saw them in a shop still in the box, I couldn't resist. Are these compatible with today's High tech skis and lift plates?
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They certainly don't have all the release options that modern bindings do. However I think we each deserve the right to take any risks we want, and if you have them tested and the springs are still good - there is no reason they won't mount just fine on any modern skis.
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Thanks Todd, considering they are brand new..out of the box..I think the'll be OK.
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The Marker MRR's with the flip switch release in the back are still one of my favorite backcountry steeps bindings. You can get in and out of them while clinging with an ice axe to a wall, because you can manually attach or detach them without any of the pushing required of other bindings that might knock you loose from your perch. Unfortunately the couple of pairs I have left are definately starting to get too old to safely use much longer.
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Many moons ago I read and saved your article concerning egos and skiing. I started a post 'egoski' and refrred to your article. Hope you don't mind. The respose was great. The response showed me we have a great little family here, everyone willing to help others. BTW- do you still have your dog you claim is a slacker?

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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Thanks Jyarddog! Nope, the moving between VT and CO every year got to be too hard on the slacker dog. However now we are staying put in VT for awhile, and are building up a slacker zoo now. We have slacker cats, slacker horses, and slacker humans!
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