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Crystal Mountain, WA...

We get a new lodge at the top of Forest Queen.

Everything you'd want to know about development plans: http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mbs/projects...download.shtml

August 2004 Record of Decision (a large pdf file): http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mbs/projects...f_decision.pdf
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I personally had a hand in the clearing of Louise's at Bousquet. It will be an ungroomed cliff-hucking (if you don't watch where you're going) steep challenge........for me. They've also put in another chair for the beginners, and last year put in a magic carpet.

Hey, just cuz it's little don't mean it ain't good.
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Regarding connecting the resorts in BCC, LCC, and PC, it will not happen. While it ould take a great deal of cooperation between the resorts, Forest Service, etc. there are also a lot of private property owners, three different counties, and many cities that would have to give up a lot to make it happen. Plus there are huge liability issues, maintenace issues, and safety issues. The biggest obstacle would be Salt Lake City, which has purchased a great deal of land in BCC to protect it's watershed. They have put most of teh land into conservation easements that have been written in a manner that prohibits any altering of the easement for 99 years. This includes no development, no roads of any kind, no altering of the vegetation, etc. They recently purchased a large track of land previously owend by Park City Mining Corp that includes thousands of acres of land between the BCC road and the Park City ridge line.

The only other way to connect the PC resorts with BCC would be up Claytons Peak or 10420. The Forest Service has already denied a permit by Brighton to install lifts in this area.

The new PC lifts are probably the biggest realistic expansion in the area. The proposed lift that would go to the top of Eagle is being proposed as a private lift, for the owners of a new development that is being built near the old mine shaft (Spiro?)
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