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Dynafit AERO

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Could you please make some comments on this boot?
If the link opens in Spanish there is option to switch to English somewhere on the site.
I am looking for light AT boot which can be comfortable uphill and enough stiff for descents. I am an intermediate skier.
Thanks a lot.
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Hi, Zoran.

I was too stupid to figure out how to change the link into English and I can't speak (that much) Spanish, so I wasn't able to read much of the text.

This is the official Dynafit link to the boot:


I think this boot would do everything you're asking. My first AT boots were the old Dynafit TLT 4. They were very light and very comfortable but were pretty soft. They were a little gutless for skiing miserable, junky snow. The succeeding Dynafit models have addressed that issue and I now understand that the Aero is a very good all-around AT boot.

Are you going with the Dynafit bindings?

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Thanks so much for the comment, Bob. I appreciate that.
I am sorry that I didn't post good link to Barrabes. Here it goes:
When you pick language and USA as a country, you can click accept. Please, do search for DYNAFIT AERO in small search window at the top, because thay say more about them than Life-Link.
Yes, I am planing to use them with Dynafit Comfort bindings mounted on Hagan Freerider:
Thanks again.
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Just in case I will post what they say on the site. What do you think about that?

Product Description

New design by Dynafit for the 2004 - 2005 season. This prestigious Austrian manufacturer has brought out what is undoubtedly the lightest ski touring boot of its kind. Designed for the mid-skier who requires a combination of lightweight and good performance for the ascent together with good features for the descent.

No one who tries this boot will remain indifferent: it boasts total comfort and a perfect fit whatever the shape or size of your foot.

Designed to give great downhill performance but the uphill features have not been left out - don't forget, this is a really lightweight model. New revolutionary features in this boot include: 3 forward lean positions: Uphill, Downhill and intermediate. Also includes height-adjustable rear spoiler for extra downhill support, depending on the quality of the snow, terrain and your level of expertise. The lace-up standard liner includes an innovative AIR DISPENSER ventilation system which exchanges the air to minimize the accumulation of sweat, and ensure dry feet. The PERSONAL FITfeature is another addition. This consists of an flexible heel cup insert, which adapts to the shape of your foot, achieving greater support and rigidity in this area. This can be put in/out for a custom fit. Finally the STEP IN feature in the shell will dramatically ease clicking-in your boot by guiding your toe holes into the Dynafit TLT bindings with greater speed and comfort.

And so as not to forget the more traditional Dynafit ski touring features: 3 aluminium micro-metric adjust buckles. A hefty top Velcro power strap for increased support during the descent. The dual-density sole and shell provides just the right amount of flexibility and rigidity in each part of the boot.

World-wide compatible.

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The two U.S. magazines that publish randonnee boot reviews (Couloir and Backcountry) were unfortunately not able to receive the Aero in time for their spring testing. So it's still pretty much an unknown. Seems like Dynafit took the venerable TLT4 design and tweaked it to improve the skiing performance while still preserving its uphill performance. But all of that is largely speculative.
Given your goals, other good choices for you would seem to be the Scarpa F1, Garmont Megalite, and Garmont Dynamite.
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Thank you Johnatan.
I forgot to mention one important part: I would like to climb some gaps and couloirs around Vancouver in my ski boots.
I was thinking about Garmont Dynamite, before I noticed AERO on Dynafit web site. You are absolutely right about Dynafit TLT4 problems. Many reviews said they are soft for descents.
One big disadvantage is that I have no option to try Aero in stores and see closely what Dynafit did to fix the problem. Real test will be outdoors but ...
Garmont and Scarpa are available almost everywhere in all stores around Vancouver. It's important to try boots in the store to determine size and weight. The Aero weight about the same as Scarpa TT (with standard liner) or 100g less than Dynamite (with termoflex liner) but they looks good for climbing.
Today I got e-mail from Barrabes about Aero. It will be interesting to see how much they will be at Life-Link on December 15th.
Here is the mail:
Dear Zoran,

We are expecting a delivery of these boots mid-october, but as they have not yet arrived I can only calculate the shipping costs by using another pair of boots. An avarage pair of ski boots weigh about 4 kgs- in this case shipping to Canada would cost 48€. The Aero boots cost 302.59€ so the total cost would be about 350.59€ (433.79$). You would not have to pay us for tax but you would be charged incoming tax by your customs office.

We will only be receiving 1 pair in some sizes so if you would like me to reserve you a pair, let me know the size you require and I'll reserve them for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

Kindest Regards

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