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Pow skis for the layday

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I'm thinking about getting some wider skis for my lady. She's only 110#'s, intermediate to advanced skier (maybe level 6+).

She has some Atomic Powder Plus' which she likes a lot for those special days, but she would really benefit from another pair of skis when we have a lot of snow on the hill, but not necessarily all out powder skiing.

She has Salomon Scream 8 (lady version) which are 69 underfoot, in a 160. I'm kind of looking for some sort of great deal...but don't know if it's going to happen.

Some things I've thought of:

Pocket Rockets (165cm), but don't want to front the cash.
1080 161, but don't want to front the cash.
Phat Luvs (cash thing again)....

I don't know....
What other skis do they make in a 160ish that would be good for a lady (Kind of noodly).

Thanks for any input.
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What you already said.
Either one is fine, my daughter is on a 1080 in 161 - she really likes those and rips on them in all conditions. If she got already some Powder Pluses this one would be the best addition. Some of those are for sale on this board, check under ski swap.
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Hit the swaps, and ping MntLion about used fatties for light folks. Periodically he will have this sort of ski available.

Tom / PM
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would you consider 1080s powder skis? the guy at the ski shop said it is only to be used in parks.

how stiff are the 1080s?
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geez, i hope your "layday" doesn't read the forum and see that you are afraid to spend money for her pleasure ;-0
may i suggest legend 8800 or 8000 in a 158cm?
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seems like she already has two good skis. The scream 8 should be fine for boot top pow. I'm as much of a gear junky as the next skier. I love those new skis, boots and bindings. but I also know that it's more about the skier then the skis. Most of us and I include myself, would be better off spending our money on lessions then new gear. Rather then buying a new ski maybe the best thing to do is pay for a few lessions. There also some excellent womans only clinics. most woman I have talked to who have done these clinics love them.
Marty, The 1080 twin tip is made for the park and pipe, yet at 80mm underfoot is a pretty good all mountain ski as well. For someone light it would have good float.
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Take her to Grand Targhee for a week, and have her take lessons on the powder days, then she should be able to manage on any skis.
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Pow skis to get me laid today.

I picked up the wife some demo 161 1080's at the end of last season for $200. Bonus is the grom can use them too.
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Marty -

The 1080 is very good in powder. It is basically a narrower version of the Pocket Rocket. There are several women skiers around here (including some telemarkers) that use them for their powder ski.
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The K2 Fujative is amazingly inexpensive and would probably do the job.
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Me and my daughter are both on 1080s most of the time - it is a versatile all-mountain goat. Good on the groomed or in bumps, really good in the pow and excellent in the trees due to the maneuverability. Only grief is they are not too good on bullet-proof (but still managable) since they are on the softer side (think park and pipe).
I'm 5'10'', 175 lb and ski a 181, my daughter is 5'3'', 110 lb and skies the 161 length. We are skiing off-piste with them very most of our time on the hill, works great for us.

Hope that helps.
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I have some 165 and 173 CMH volkl explosives for $250
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The 1080s would be a good choice.
The Pocket Rockets at 165cm might be a tad much - my wife tried them heli-skiing last year (5'3", 11o#s) and while she liked them, they were longer than she would have liked.
She demoed a bunch last season at Alta/Snowbird. Decided that the K2 Phat Luv was best for her (153cm) - this is her dedicated *powder* ski (i.e. not as versatile as say the 1080).
If you do go with a twintip like the 1080 or Pocket Rochet or Fujative, consider having the binding mounted back a couple of centimeters from the indicated position (park skis mount closer to the center for better use for tricks in the park such as spinning). You might also want to add a tad bit of lift rather than mounting flat on the ski if you wife will ski primarily 'on piste' - even during good snow days.
One final word: if you have the opportunity to let her demo a a variety of skis in good snow conditions out West, she will probably make a good choice for herself.
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Jeez, why look at new skis for her if you don't want to dole out any cash? You'd spend it on yourself, I suspect. Seriously, I bet you have a budget, so here's what I'd do:

I like the idea of letting her demo fat skis this year so you get the right one next year. That way, you can budget for them. You're in Michigan? Hook her up with a Jeannie Thoren clinic at Crystal Mt. If you're not familiar with Jeannie, she sets you up on equipment, you compare with your old equipment and with other demos in the fleet, and you figure out what's right for you. Don't be surprised if your lady ends up skiing phenomenally better, because part of the gear work they do is with boots and alignment. You can buy gear from Jeannie too. If you're worried about enough snow to demo fat skis, she has clinics in CO and MT too.

Once your lady has figured out what skis she likes, if you don't buy them from Jeannie, check out swaps and online sales.

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for the money, the PE might be worth looking into and you can get last years pretty cheap if you look around, also, more money, but more of a powder ski, K2 just released a 159 Pistol and from what I've heard teh pistol skis all mountain pretty well, but its still beefy underfoot. The Fujatives were mentioned, but they weren't really designed to be skied outside the park/pipe, plus I thought they were fairly narrown under foot (not necessarily best idea for pow).

Personally, I haven't been a huge fan of Salomon, and when I went Cat skiing last year, the people that skied the PR's didn't really like em too much (thought they had generally too much tail).

I'va also heard good things about the Rossi B2 and B3, and supposedly they are rather versatile and forgiving (which might be a good thing).

And depending on how the "layday" skis, Line's might not be a bad choice either (a few models of Lines have a good all-mountain reputation with some girth underfoot).
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Originally Posted by mntlion
I have some 165 and 173 CMH volkl explosives for $250

There's a reason the Explosives have been around so long.

And everyone knows mtnlion is the mang!
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I never thought of the Fujative or the PE, great suggestion!! I don't want to come off like a cheap #ss. We are both poor. I'm actually "downgrading" skis this year so I can save some money. I know MTNLION is the mang, but in all honest 163 Explosivs would be too much ski for her. She's a good skier, but she would be much better off on a softer ski in a shorter length.

Thanks for all the suggestions! She's done plenty of demoeing (we are both instructors and have access to salomon). I just was curious to know what else was out there and what I was missing. It was also nice to hear what other ladies are skiing out there.

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Bearberry or others,

Its been recommended that the binding be mounted a couple of Cms back to use a 1080 as a all-mountain ski. I am looking at a used 1080 at a neighbourhood shop. it has a S810 mounted in the center position. When i asked the shop if they would move the binding back a couple of cms - they said - they will not drill any new holes but will move the "boot position" on the binding back by a couple of cms.

Does this make sense. is this possible Is this good enough for my needs ? or should i get them to move the whole binding back. I am sorry if this sounds very naive - but i don't know much about bindings.

thx for any help.
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