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Head S-Line ski boots

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for good or bad i just have bought the S8 Head M103. M103 means that the boot is relative wide (although quite narrower than the Salomon X-Wave, and.. only these 2 boots were available for me to try I am quite happy with the boot (took half number smaller to fit better and feel a little presure on the toes, but now my heel sticks better in the sole) So far so good but just cant stop thinking of the narrowest model - N100 because I am tall and thin, have small bones, hence - quite narrow feet. Is N100 just a new gadget i can buy and adjust to the M103 sole or is it a completely new insole-shell? I am hesitating whether to replace my M103 boot (if possible at all) with N100 but here is no N100 to try so it will be a blind risk (And the current boot is almost perfect, just a little (very little) more wide in the heel area..) Had anyone tried N100? What is the difference between M103 and N100? Can you give me advice whether to try to replace it ?
thank you guys
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If the shop only had those two boots to try I wouldn't have been buying any from them at all.

N in the name stands for narrow, the M is for mid. 100 and 103 are the widths in mm. No, it isnt a gadget to buy and fit to the boot, although some head boots do have this sort of feature this year, but not available for seperate purchase that I know of

The half shell size isnt such a problem - unless by doing that you have changed a shell size down. A 26.0 and 26.5 boot are the same shell, but a different liner size, hence the difference you can feel in width. However after the liner has loosened up from a bit of skiing you will hopefully get over this pressure.
With heels, too much is put on this. If any one tries to lift their heel they will be able to - as long as when you are flexing forward in the ski position you dont get more than about 2mm of lift, you are ok.

If you are really having a problem the only thing to do is foam - you will have the most precise fit you can get, but it will only really be worth it if you are skiing more than about 3 weeks of the season as the liner will be very firm fitting and your feet will need to get used to this sort of fit. Also, you would still need a good shell fit to start to make it worth while.
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This was the Biggest shop the other is 500 km from here and again I dont know what they will have. I dont want to order via Inet because i am not sure that will choose the right size (I wanted atomic or lange but they dont have these boots at all

"unless by doing that you have changed a shell size down" - i did it, but the pressure is bearable, and, JFYI- the difference between 29 and 29.5 is just the small down-sole (i dont know what is liner, but if this is the inner soft boot - they are also the same - i `ve checked

The heel lifts about 2-3 mm, not much, although the perfect will be none

But my question is: Is it worthy to try to exchange the M103 boot with N100? May be in this case the heel wont move at all (or the boot will be so short that the pressure on my toes will become unbearable?) May be with N100 I can get half number bigger? Please tell me if you have experience with these boots and thanks for the previous post (and about the foam - I am skiing more than 3 weeks pro season, but there is no boot-fitter here so I must make averything for myself ..)
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According to Head's website, the S8 like you said is the M103 width, but it should have the removable chasis that will narrow the boot down. Maybe it's already in the boot? it just attaches with a screw under the the foot. If you don't have it, it would be worth getting since you can pop it in or out and also customize the fit by cutting it.

To get the N100 last you would have to go to the S12 according to the website. I tried the S12 on, the chassis insert came with it in the box, It fit pretty narrow in the forefoot area with the chassis, but fit really well overall. If you have really narrow feet maybe it would be worth going to the narrower last, you can always take the chassis out, or cut it if there are pressure points. It's very tough to tell though without trying it on, maybe you can get the shop to order it for you, tell them you'll pay to ship it back if it doesn't fit.
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10x for the info , as i see i dont need this chassis as I dont want to change anything in my forefoot area. Just want to tighten the heel area, i noticed that on the liner i have two holes above the heel, so i suspect that if i plug sth in these holes the heel will fit better. Unfortunatelly they didnt give me anything with these 2 boots, I suspect that there should be 4 (2 for each boot) small plastic plates which you can stick there? .. or may be i will try to make them by myself
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I found a great site for HEAD S8/10/12: http://www.head.com/ski/files/pdf/AT...Manual2003.pdf
IT should be useful to all of you with this model
About my problem I found that S8 is sold without any adjustable gadgets! (what a pity! it wasnt so expensive for them to send at least these few plastic plates, so now i must make everything by myself !
btw the only thing the shop can do for me is fitting the boots with this heating machine. I tried it before on one rossignol shoes and I think that the change wasnt big (if any at all, may be just for few weeks and then the initial fit was restored). I am afraid of this fitting, may be it will just widen the whole boot (and i just want a little more space on my fingers.... Do you use this Hot Fitting method at all?
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