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What ski for me!

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Hi, I'm a level 8+ skier, PSIA Level 2. I ski 30-35 days per year all in the NE. I am 5'-2", 120 lbs. I'm looking at Volkl ski's any thoughts on the supersport gamma vs the 5*. I'm looking for a versatile ski to help take my skiing to the next level.
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Need more info.

Are you trying to pass your level III exam? What do you ski well? What do you ski poorly?

I just switched from repping for Fischer and went to Nordica. Due to your weight I would have to look hard at a junior ski. How good are you in bumps?

In the Fischer line I would steer you towards an RX6 in a 155.

In the Nordica line the Speedmachine 12 in a 154.

Either would be a great exam ski.

I would have to give the edge to the Nordica due to their new XBS binding system. Everyone who has used it speaks very highly and in the past I have not been a big fan of the new "systems". This changed my mind.

I rep the ski as I said and sell to pros. I can also sell to the public through a few dealers who want to move skis. I can ship you a Nordica at a wonderful price. You'll like it, however, if you don't you'll be able to sell it to a customer quickly and might make a profit.

I think a 120 lbs you won't be able to flex the 5 *. I know nothing about the other ski.
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Not specifically looking to tak level III (time constraints). I ski poorly - steep, icy, bumps. Bump skiing could always use some work. Currently on atomic Betaride 11.20 in a 160. I have loved this ski but need to be on something shorter. I shy aware from Jr. equipment. Have demo'd and don't feel stable on them. I echo another post in it's really hard to demo high-end gear esp. in shorter lengths.
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The supersport Gamma might be just the ticket for you. It's got the traditional torsional strength of a Volkl (holds like you know what on ice!) with a flex that is great for lighter weight skiers. On of my best buddies who is a super lightweight (115 soaking wet) skied her best ever on these skis, having had past poor experiences with junior 'race' skis in an attempt to match her weight. Given your weight and ranking of yourself, I would definitely go Gamma over the 5star.
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