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Ski Mount St. Helens

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Seeing that Mount St. Helens is at it again, what skis and technique would you recommend for skiing on ash?
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I have some silver wax from the early 70s I would recommend using. That stuff never comes off.
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and people still in discussion which place is most challenging...
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How many people here are old enough to remember the Rosemount boot? The shell was made of magnesium.

This would make for quite a spectacular one-time run; once the heat from the volcano ignited the magnesium the skier would put on quite a show for a few nanoseconds.


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Real hot run, eh. I bet Physicsman could come up with the balanced chemical formula for the reaction. Of course you'd have to take into account the chemicals the skis would add to the fire. Also, I wonder how much flesh would add to the equation.
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Originally Posted by T-Square
Also, I wonder how much flesh would add to the equation.
Two words: Asbestos socks!

Two more: Asbestos shorts!:
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Bob, I think you're recalling the Daleboot??? The Rosemont had a thick black plastic shell with a stainless steel door. The Daleboot or some similar name from the same era (late 1960s) had a neoprene liner and buckles on the top of the instep that operated backwards (towards the inside) of all the other buckle boots of that time. That shell was supposed to be magnesium.
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With Mt Spurr (about 80 miles of Anchorage) threatening to dump a bunch of ash on the city, I'm definitely keeping an eye on volcanic activity. One good dump of ash can ruin a season worth of snow if it falls at the wrong time.
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