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Turn Radius for Rossi T-Power 9S 167?

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I'm sort of shopping (I guess) for new boards for this season but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for - I don't know what the current specs are for my skis.

I really really like these skis (9S's, last model before they went to the black/gold color combination), they've done well for me in the course and free skiing but despite the length they're surprisingly stable at high speeds without the 'wander' that you can get from the shovels in the shorter boards. They are versatile in that they can make big GS turns at speed and you can change the radius of the turn in the middle of your execution just by loading up the shovel and the skis will shorten the turn without drama. I've got some older Atomics (10.26) and they balk at any input under pressure - they like to stay on track until you unweight them. They *are* GS skis anyways.

I demo'd some Salomon 3V (or was it 5V?) slalom boards in a 165 when I was in Verbier figuring that they'd be close to what I had at home but they were way too turny and unpredictable on the flats. I couldn't just stand on the ski and cruise, they demanded that you keep them busy. High speeds were not on the menu, at all. I'm guessing just those 2 CM could make a world of difference.

I'm looking for a ski that has the versatility of my 9S's without the need to babysit them on the flats. The new rossi W/C 9S's have a max of 165, so I'm afraid I'm going to run into the same problem I had with the Salomons. The W/C 9X's come in a 167 but I'm thinking because it's a GS board the turn radius will be longer than what I'm used to now, and although they will rip big turns, the quick change turn inputs will be not as welcome.

So after all of that, I'm looking for the specs on my current skis to try to match something up to shorten the list when it comes to demo time. The closest thing I've found so far is the Fischer World Cup SL in a 166 but I don't know how the turn radius compares.

Any ideas/input?

Sorry for such a long winded post!

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Well you can get the 9X oversizes with a radius of 17M. Thats what I have in addition to my 9S WC. All todays slaloms have a radius of less then 12M, so you have to look into the newer all mountain expert skis that have a radius of 14-17M. Fischer has the RX line, Rossi Oversize, Salomon Street Racer, Elan Fusion, Atomic SX. Also on ebay you could get a real slalom ski and everyday ski less than you would spend on 1 pair.
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Somebody may eventually come along who knows the dimensions of your ski. You could also try the old-fashioned approach of measuring it. It sounds like you're guesssing they may have less sidecut than today's slalom skis, which may be a good guess.

As noted in the previous post, there are a number of "non-compliant" GS skis on the market with sidecut radii in the high teens. Those might actually be closer to your old skis than the current slalom skis. The 9X Oversize sure sounds like a good starting point if you're fond of the brand.

Personally, I've never found 2 cms to make a world of difference. The other differences between the two skis (older 9S and newer Salomon 10 3V) may have been a bigger factor in your impression.
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I think it's about 14 meters.
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