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Hey Ryan....

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Did you order that burger yet?
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Where is that great photo of the Kirkwood Inn?
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let's see. if the yankees LOSE all their remaining games...

and the sox win all theirs...

alright, alright, alright.

onion rings with?

i'm thinkin' later part of march. hell, losin' a bet's not so bad when i get to ski kirkwood to pay it off.

i expect the "locals tour." last time there, i didn't even ski the right side (looking up from base) of the hill, but that cornice, or wall, or whatever it's called (chair 6, and wagon wheel) was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay baaaaaaaaad.


i may actually try this: http://www.bayareaskibus.com/

edit: HEY, RUL. let me know if you think you might hit up mammoth.


p.s. PHeeeaque the yankees
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for jamesdeluxe

Outback Grill
Located on the backside of the mountain near the base of Chair #4 (Sunrise), the Outback Grill is a quick stop for avid skiers who want to keep their energy levels high without coming in off the slopes. Serving barbequed ribs, burgers, chicken, snacks and beverages. Outdoor seating in beach-style chairs and good music make it a great place to just relax in the sun.

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i will, by the way, buy beers for whomever else of the bears that shows up.
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Those people must be taking lots of xanax.


Bartender: Hey, did you hear that Ryan bet on the Red Sox?

Crowd in Unison: Bwaaaahahahahahahaha. That boy makes us smile.
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... and all is right with the universe.
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