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Demo Binding question?

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Hey all you shop techs and ski reps..... I have a question. I'm getting some Stockli's this year and want to put a demo binding on them in order to rep them at the mountain I work at. Both the regional rep and national rep told me don't put the Marker speedpoint on them but gave me two different reasons which seem to contradict each other.

One guy says they need to be mounted at the boots toe point which would but a small foot (like mine) too far back on the ski with the speedpoint. This makes a lot of sense to me.

The other said the boot needs to be aligned and the mid point (which I believe is what the speedpoint does) so don't use the speedpoint. This confused me a bit.

So.... what other demo bindings are out there that ski 1/2 way decent????
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The Speedpoint should be mounted at the boot midpoint. When you adjust the sole length on the binding the toe and heel adjust the same distance fore and aft. The latest generation of Speedpoints have Markers floating toe and heel making for a very smooth interface with the ski. Adjusting the Speedpoint to boot lengths is very fast and accurate.

There are two raps on the binding. One is you can't move the boot center point around on the ski to see how it effects performance. They other is they are heavier than demo bindings from Salomon and Rossi.
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I occasionally "borrow" skis to demo with my skiing friends. The Marker demo binding is by far the easiest to use. Yes, you may give up a bit in performance, but the ski itself might not be the correct length for everyone trying it either. I also like the Atomic demo binding which is similar to the Marker.
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I've got some demo Solly 900's on one set of fat skis; they work well, feel solid and are really easy to adjust. It's nice to be able to move the mount forward or backward for conditions - slide back a notch for the freshies in the morning and then come forward for the chopped crud that comes later. Also takes less than two minutes to set up for friends that want to try fat skis.
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If I was demoing skis as a rep I would put Speedpoints on before Salomon or Look even though I prefer Look & Salomon bindings on my skis. The upper-end Speedpoint bindings really smooth out the ride on a ski much more than the Salomon and Look demo bindings I've used. The inability to move the boot center-point back and forth is minor compared to the difference in ride of the Speedpoints.
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Tyrolia SP 130s. Ease of use, great look, DIN 13.

The color coding that matches heel to toe settings also makes it easy to be at the right place.
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I just switched repping Fischer for Nordica. I found the Tyrolia demo binding to be a pain in the rear. The speedpoint is much easier to use.
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I'm new to understanding how the demo binding really works. Let me rephrase the question a bit. After talking with the distributor in Co., he told me the skis should be mounted at the center point of the boot , with the mount mark of the ski. This is my understanding of most modern ski mount points.

Which demo binding maintains the center of the boot over a wide range of adustments. My fear is I'll hate my own skis because I'm skiing a demo binding with a 275mm (23.5 size)boot sole length and I'll be too far back on the ski.
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I have a pair of rossignol 9s WC with the axial demo plate. The demo bindings works great except that it adds some more weight to the ski.
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It really depends on the demo binding in question.The term "demo" binding refers to a binding that is used for demo purposes. that has a large boot sole adjustment range.There are/were demo bindings with ONLY the rear having a large adjustment range.Then along came ..and the term "full" demo..meaning that the front can be moved back and forth too.Savvy skiers had this figgered out in the early 80's for nailing down the sweet spot on the ski.Some skis are HYPER critical about the boot centre in the ski centre..others it matters little.
have a few pairs of boots..same size..just less than a (measured)305 to 320.The Sal.s I have will NOT tolerate this length difference.Enter demo bindings.I mount on centre for about 310.My buddy has 340's.The front demo goes ahead about 15 to put him in centre.The back goes back easily.
he re are simply way too many misconceptions about demo bindings to get into all the details and specifics of different bindings.I'll speak quickly about Sal.Sal had demo bindings in both demo AND full demo.In the same model line.The "HORRIBLE" weight issue came into play because people compared a regular light weight plastic low din binding to an OBVIOUSSLY heavier high din METAL "demo binding".IN the SAME series.This is not rocket science.Compare a lower din older 957 plastic to a high din metal Equipe full demo binding that is ALSO a 957.OF COURSE the METAL demo is heavier.Compare the weight of that 957 metal Equipe to the 957 Equpe "demo" binding and there is NO difference in weight.The ONLY weight difference is that the demo track is a little bit. longer.Then there are those that say that the demo's are different.Mechanisms.NO they're not..the SAME heelpieces slide right off the track..demo/non-demo/metal/plastic.Then there is the "sloppy" issue.Duh..the rear tracks are IDENTICAL..save for a little extra length.

A quick gander through the indemnity lists will tell you what is/was available.

BEWARE! when mounting demo bindings..SOME use a COMPLETLY different hole pattern set-up..front and rear.First time mount?This may be the LAST set of bindings(without EXPERT) hole filling) that you do.The second mount?Again you can run into the EXPERT hole filling issue.Last but not least.Some skis will NOT accept the demo mount.There is no way for there to be room.You can get into issues where sure you can mount the demo.BUT the adjustment range you sought is now toast.You can sometimes mount a plate(s)(thin 10mm)(blank) on top of a propriety plate THEN mount whatever you want wherever you want.(Ditto for the Autodrives on my bench now)
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The SpeedPoint bindings keep the boot centered for boots from 260 to 360 in length. You adjust the boot length by turning a dial that moves the toe and heel equal distances towards or away from the center. The dial is in 4mm increments so you are never more than 2mm from the center.

Salomon has a couple different designs for demo bindings. One is where both the toe and heel move on a track. The toe moves in about 1 cm increments so you are usually within 1/2 cm of the center mark. The other Salomon demo design has a fixed toe with a heel that has a large range of adjustment. With this binding you can be way off the center point.

All the Look/Rossi Axial demo bindings I've used have a toe and heel that move on a track. Like the Salomon the toe adjusts in around 1 cm increments so you are usually within 1/2 cm of the center point.
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Rio... you're great. That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Since the ski I'm putting them on takes any binding.... looks like I'll most likely use the speedpoint. I'm a long time Marker fan anyway. Although I had no complaints with the Look I had to put on my Dynastars.
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I am setting my boots to some Look(Rossi) demos on some skis I picked up off EBAY - now I can't get them exactly on boot midsole - I am either 1/2 cm behind or 1/2 cm in front of the midsole point - I chose the setting that put the boot 1/2cm forward of the ski midsole for now - is one preferable to the other, is it a matter of personal preference, or does it matter at all?
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1/2cm forward will make the ski slightly easier to initiate turns on. 1/2cm back will make the ski slightly more stable at speed. I doubt you'll be able to perceive much difference.
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Originally Posted by davev
I am setting my boots to some Look(Rossi) demos on some skis I picked up off EBAY - now I can't get them exactly on boot midsole - I am either 1/2 cm behind or 1/2 cm in front of the midsole point - I chose the setting that put the boot 1/2cm forward of the ski midsole for now - is one preferable to the other, is it a matter of personal preference, or does it matter at all?
Depends on the ski and the skier. Try both. On some skis it will make a difference; on others you may not be able to tell the difference. 1/2 cm is not a big deal usually.
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