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Room rates for Alta and JH?

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HI there

I am planning a 2 week trip to Alta/Snowbird and Jackson Hole. WE are going to be a group of 4 and do not mind sharing and we have a limited budget but we will have a car. how much do we need to budget for a Room Only or B&B accomodation? Is less than $60/night/person achievable?

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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When I went to Alta I stayed at the peruvian lodge. $160/day covered lift, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and accomodations (on the dorm rooms). I believe there are two other places with similar setups (and probably similar costs); Alta Lodge (About $130 for same deal), and Goldminer's Daughter (about 130 also). Considering lift tickets are about $50.. $130 for lodging, tickets, breakfast, and a nice dinner is a great deal.
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At Jackson, stay at the HostelX... It is right at the slopes (you can ski to it)
It's basic accomodation, but it is good, and it's very inexpensive!
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In SLC, since you have a car, you might try the Extended Stay chain. Rooms - with small kitchens are very reasonable by the week---you can get the rooms for under 60 per night .
There are at least 2, one in Sandy and one in Midvale--either one is a short drive to either canyon.
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The HostelX is your best bet right at the mountain. If it is full you're stuck staying in the city if you're looking for cheap rates. There are numerous national chains in the city of Jackson that have decent rates. No matter where you stay check on getting your tickets as part of your room package. That will save you some bucks, also.
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There are quite a few affordable motel/hotels at the mouth of the Canyons (LCC and BCC). Nothin Fancy. There is not much to do after 4:30pm, and you need a car, but it increases access to all cottonwood canyon resorts. You will have a15 min. ride to the resorts. 30 mis. to park city and 35 mins. to the airport.
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Nice thing about Sandy/Midvale is finding a standard hotel for under $80/n per room. If you can't do HostelX in JH, look at the Wagon Wheel Inn. It's in town, but very very reasonable.
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I agree with what everybody else has posted.
I stayed at the Crystal Inn in Murray, south-east SLC.
The rooms were nice.
The rate was about $90 for two people, including a full breakfast.

I also recommend the SnowPine Lodge at Alta.
It is a bit older and smaller than the other lodges.
A warm atmosphere.
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Thank you guys for all this very helpful info.
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oh. forgot to ask re last minute booking...I know SLC area has lots of places and with a car we should be able to find a place to stay for sure. how about JH? are there other villages/resorts nearby or is the choice of budget accommodation a lot more limited.
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