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Rotobrush Advise

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Seeing the new ski tuning thread and it being something I have been considering, I am wondering what people's experiences have been with the following rotobrush brands.

Red Creek

I am primarily looking more toward the SVST and Red Creek, so opinions on these would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure on what brushes I will get but am thinking these for now:
Black Nylon

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I have a two Red Creeks, the horse hair for hard wax and an all round black nylon for finishing and for softer wax. They do the job, save time and I don't think I need any more than the basic two.
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I have been using Red Creeks for about 4 years now. There fine. I really don't think one company is better then the other. It's just brushes. I have 4 brushes, combi, horse hair, short and long nylon. I bought them over another brand because I got a deal on them. We ski ever weekend and I use the brushes on all of our skis. I won't begin to estimate how much I've used them, but I can say, I wish I had a dollar for everytime I used one. Saves lots of work.
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I'm a little late on this but what the hay -

I'm not positive on this but I think Red Creek makes the Swix system & allows them to brand it with their Swix Logo so those two set-ups are nearly identical if not absolutely identical.

The SVST System is of higher quality in a couple of different ways - 1). the materials are superior...metal guard, not plastic - aluminum brush end caps, not plastic, I could almost guarantee the bristle pods are buried deeper = longer lasting, it's just a beefier, more substantial system. 2). The handle is modular i.e. it has replacable compenents like shaft, guard, the handle part itself, bearings etc...if any of these fail they can be replaced vs. replacing the entire handle. Pretty cool feature I think but I am biased in that I'm affiliated w/ SVST via their retail division Race Werks.....so there ya go.
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I have been using my red creek for four years and do tuning on more skis then most people. I can say I have had no problems.

snojock, can you take care of us? I have a ski friend who reps for SVST at Okemo. SVST makes the best edge guide. But then again my machinest, buddy makes a nice one too.
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Take care of you?
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If we send you a PM and place an order with you, do we get a discount?
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Group discount on Moonflex stones?

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YEA,YEA, Moonflex, I luv Moonflex. Great idea Scalce.
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I'm sure a 1-time deal for the members of this forum could be arranged. Give me an idea of what exactly you're after & how many & I will see what can be worked out.
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You guys know Race Werks already offers a pretty good discount when you order the set of Moonflex Stones + there's $30 off orders over $175?

Still - give me the want list & I'll get back w/ you.
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I'll PM you with my order. We'll try and get something going here. Mine won't be a big order, but for a couple of moonflex stones, I'm in.

You may want to let us know a time frame so we can get our act's together, I wouldn't want to take up to much of your time.

Thanks for your effort.

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I'm flex on the time frame as long as it's within reason - whatever works for you guys/ladies. I would like to restrict it to members only, though. Allrighty?
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