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Nordica Ski Sale

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For the past few years I pro repped for Fischer. I have made the switch to Nordica for several reasons. The main reason is their equipment. I really like their new skis, boots and binding systems.

There is a retailer in the area anxious to grow his Nordica business. The pricing is exceedingly competitive

P.M. me for more details
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You will be missed as Epic ski's resident expert on Fischer Skis. However, best wishes in your new role for Nordica.
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Thanks Lostboy. That means a great deal because I have always enjoyed the stuff you have written about skis. Bob Barnes is going to stay with Fischer and JimL reps for Fischer at Loveland.

You know I really didn't know much about the skis other than those I liked.

I'm sitting in a pair of Doberman pro 130's and they feel great. I'm looking at a wall of skis I picked up today. I was ready for a change. My boss at Fischer left and I really hit it off with the Nordica folks.

I felt as though Fischer had a real hole in their recreational ski line-up. By western standards I work at a tiny mountain (1400 ft vert) and the Bigstix never did much for me. I'm sure the RX9 is going to be a good addition to their lineup.

What really hooked me was the Nordica binding system. Everyone I talked to raved about the XBS setup.

The Dobies and Beasts feel great.

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come on you guys it snowing!

this is a superb ski at a remarkable price

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Not the ski for me. Any chance you have any Beast's?
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I think I can get a pair withen a day or two. Send me a PM if interested
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Ladies and gents.....ski season is upon us!
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Rusty Guy is a good rep for his mfr, he had plenty of Fischer info to share while repping for Fischer, and always helps us Bears find great eqpt at good prices. I expect we'll see similar good info re Nordica products now.

Support Rusty Guy!
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I will attest to the SUVs. Last season I had the SUV 12x which evolved into this season's SUV 14ebs. Much of the skiing at Bridger Bowl last year was on chattery frozen slush, slush, heavy crud and West Coast ice. One of the local shops had on-hill demos of Volkls, Fischers and Rossis. The Fischer RXs, Volkl SuperSports and Rossi RPMs were all a big disappointment compared to the SUVs. They are a smooth, powerful ski.
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I looked on the site, but couldn't get the dimensions on the ski...
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The dimensions are 115/70/99.
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Bene, grazie!
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