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Need some demo recomendations

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Just some history first.

I'm 21, male - 5'9" 150 lbs. I live in MN but ski almost all my days out west.

I've had Volkl vertigo g3's for the last couple seasons and have enjoyed them for the most part. They seem to really excel on groomers. Since I usually do my best to avoid groomers I don't think they are the best matchup. On the occaision I'm in the mood for one they are very nice (or if I'm in MN).

I skied a day last year at Targhee where there was 45" of snow (pics here) and they did ok but they really wanted to dive. I know, I know, most skis would do that, and I probably should have gotten some fat boys, but I was poor at the time. The did fine in the chop from a different day's foot or so of powder.

They also seem to not like tight turns or moguls all that much because of the stiff tail.

This year I'll be heading to at least montana and whistler and probably a trip to Utah.

There is also a good chance I'll be spending the 2005/2006 winter living out west just skiing.

I'm not trying to replace the G3's per say, just add another pair or two of skis so that I can better handle the different snow conditions.

Money isn't an issue, either, so don't consider that.

One ski I've htought about looking at is the Rosi bandit b2 or 3 (I know they changed the names...so I might be wrong on the exact name..)

I've always heard good things about the Axis and the Axis XP too.

I've jsut been away from the ski season since last winter so I feel kinda rusty.

Thanks in advance and nice to be back,
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I'm not a big Rossi guy but I have demoed the B2 and felt at home on it. I 'm a Volkl guy. If you want a wide ski try the B3. It sounds like that is what your looking for (wide ski).
Another ski you can't go wrong with is the Pocket Rocket. My son has a pair and likes them for the deep snow. He even trained on them one day back when he was on a race team. The PR is a good bet. There are a lot of shop people and friends that are Atomic or Volkl people but also have PR's
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I would recommend trying the Dynastar Legend 8000 and Atomic Metron B5 for a general all-around ski for out west. Both have waists in the upper 70s.

For powder days demo the Pocket Rocket, Volkl Gotama and K2 Seth Pistol.
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Stockli Stormriders!!!! They just keep getting better and better, at the whole mountain, but they love difficult off piste conditions.
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Feel free to look here.
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I don't have much to add, just wanted to say nice pics.
Powhog's pointing in the right direction, too. Keep the G3's and go fat, 85+ in the waist - the difference between 80 & 90 won't be that noticeable on the packed stuff, but the 90's will far outperform the 75-80's in the powder/crud.
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I'd like to point out one thing:

The wider ski will be harder on the knees than the narrower ski on hard snow.

This can be a problem if you are severely bow legged, or have meniscus problems. The medial compartment ( that is the inside of the knee joint on top of which the end of the thigh bone sits ) will take on much more force keeping a turn on edge than it would when skiing a narrower ski.

This is especially so on harder snow, where the leverage of the wider plank is much greater.
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Since money is no object I highly recommend a three ski quiver when skiing out west. One pair for hard snow/ice days, one pair for powder and one pair for your everyday ski when you mix on & off piste skiing. Bicyclekick's G3s are ideal for a hard snow/ice ski so all he needs to do is find an everyday ski with a waist in the upper 70s/low 80s and a powder ski.
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