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Bored in Europe on business trip w/out skiing

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Sorry to digress, but I'm flying all over central Europe, and I can't ski. I know it's early. I can't drag gear along even if I could get a few days off to head to the Alps. Just seems like such a waste. I wish I had one of these trips in March, when I could take advantage of it. Who's out there is skiing now & where?

Greetings from Paris (for now)
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Well there are worse things you could be doing than traveling around Europe Actually have you checked out trying to hit the glaciers? I've skied in Kaprun, Austria in October before. Not sure where your trip is taking you but might be worth a check.
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Full of glaciers here, so, pick one, in either France, Switzerland, Italy or Austria!
This said, it's nearly october, and in one more month, in november that is, some of the higher station will start opening for the W/E. Can you hold that long?
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How would you like to be in India and not be able to mountain bike or ski?

So ... greetings from Chennai. Mumbay (Bombay for those of you who remember it that way) is next on my list. Next week I will hopefully be back in Toronto.

This is a very different world from the West. Westerners, count your lucky stars!
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Click here for the very skiing right now in the flatlands (boot and ski rentals available on site).
Have fun!
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Kaprun has a few lifts open and 124 cm (ca 49") of snow.


Sölden & Hintertux are also glaciers but have less snow at the moment.

Here's info for Austrian ski resorts with snow ....
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Too bad...I had a business trip to Europe last season

Here's the link to the thread with the photos of skiing in St. Anton during a January business trip last season:
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Note - the prices in these offers exclude flights unless specifically stated.
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DangerousBrian....very nice sites...thanks for posting. I wanna go back!!!
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My problem is I don't have the time for the diversion, and didn't/couldn't bring my gear. It's a g* d* shame to be flying over these mountains w/out being able to jump out for an early season swing! Guess I'll have to make up w/ the beer. 3 cities down, 2 to go. Vermont becons in December. Hopefully, the rain leaves the snow alone this year.
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