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Salomon X-Scream Series vs. Crossmax

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How do you guys like these two skis? How do they compare with each other? I'm kind of leaning towards the x-screams, but i've heard they aren't that great on moguls. And i have one friend who recommends the crossmax more. I will be going up to whistler in a week to test them both out, but what do you guys think of them?
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I personally don't care for either one, I like my Volkl G3's. I have demoed both, both IMO they lack edge hold. I have friends that enjoy there Crossmax and we ski the whole MT. I have another freind who likes the X-Screams in the bumps, but agrees they do not have the best edge hold. The problem is everyone is different, we all like different things.

Have fun at W/B.
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I just skied them both this week at Steamboat. I didn't care for the Xscreams at all. Kind of felt dead to me. I tried the Crossmax on the second day and kept them on all week. Very fun ski. I moved the bindings slightly forward of center and they are pretty quick edge to edge, hold long turns like on rails, ripped in our 21" pow day and tore the bumps up fairly effortlessly. The only thing this ski doesn't have is "pop" from the tail when bursting out of turns, but this is one of the reasons it's buttery in the bumps.

I liked the Crossmax 10 enough to buy the demo, since they made me a deal I couldn't refuse [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

This coming from a guy who has NEVER been on a Salomon that he liked until now.
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Am currently skiing on the Crossmax 10, which I love. Very versatile, the only ski that I bother to bring with me. Had a whole quiver before, but found that I don't need them anymore. Edge grip is decent if they're tuned properly, probably better than the Xscream, my previous ski, which I also liked, but because of the Pilot system, I think I like the Crossmax better. I find that the Crossmax is kind of a do it all ski, good at everything, but not outstanding in any one area. Also tried the Scream Pilot 10, which I thought had better grip on ice that either the Scream or the Crossmax. I also had a pair of Volkl Vertigo Motions that I had a problem with, and ended up returning them to Volkl for a full refund. If you're looking for a real ice skate, forget the Volkls and check out the Head all mountain skis. The ones that I tried with the new Intelligence system have phenomenal edge grip, and the pair I tried didn't feel like they had been tuned in a while. I think that the overal quality of the Head skis is better than either the Salomon or the Volkls for that matter.
Good luck
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I'll stipulate to that, Mac - the Head all-mountain skis were like ice skates. If they do that well off-piste, Head has a coupla winners.

As has been my practice in the past, I'll continue to demo those Heads, both in "Head-to-Head" comparison with each other, and also in "back-to-back" tests against other skis and brands. The new Salomon Scream Pilot Hot is next on the list.

Stay tuned.
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well which ones of these two would you recommend to an intermediate skier? i might not have the skills to really push these skis to their level yet, but i need new skis and I don't want to be buying new stuff every other season
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The Crossmax seems to be more of a "do it all" ski, therefore I'd say it would be good for an intermediate also. Since it isn't overly stiff I wouldn't think it would hinder you from improving over the years. It's a VERY forgiving ski that can still handle being skied hard.
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If I had to choose between the X-Scream Series and the 2002/2003 version of the Crossmax 10, I'd go with the Crossmax.

The 2003/2004 version is, I understand, wider and stiffer.
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I would also go with the Crossmax. I think that it is user friendly enough for an intermediate skier, I know that it is easy to handle in any situation, that's one of the reasons that I bought it, I don't want a ski that I have to fight with all the time. Just make sure that you don't buy it too long. Also, you might be able to find a pair of this years' model at a good price right about now, as I've heard that next years model is more demanding because of a change in the binding system.
Good luck
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Ditto what craigr said, times two.

Meanwhile, if the choice is between those two skis, I think you'd be happy with the Crossmax now, and also as you become an expert. I'm a truly average skier, and I had a lot of fun on the Crossmax 10 Pilot in 170 - more than on the X-Scream. Yet, I know experts who swear by one or the other.

Length is critical. In the Crossmax, the length that was fun for me was 170 - the 160 was uncomfortably short, and the 170 was plenty long enough.

So go for the instruction, and get the skis that make you happy.
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