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Cleaning Gore-Tex??

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What is the best way to wash those gore-tex stuff?

Dreft, Woolite, Other??

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My bro/in law says that you gotta love it and worship it and treat it oh so right and wash it/have it cleaned ohh so carefully..

I USED to do that..with a VERY expensive "dry clean" (label)only jacket..THAT was until one day my washer broke and I was at the laundromat.The owner was there..Sooo..I happened to just ask him exactly what would happen if I "just threw this in the machine"..I laughed..knowing I never would..he said..bring it in..(he also did dry cleaning),He looked at it and laughed..said he used to be in the garment mnfr.industry..stuff it in the machine.
He said a lot of the time these "dry clean only" labels were sold by the dry cleaning industry..I didn't believe him..and contiued to spend money on dry cleaning..

When this jacket was worn/faded..naturally..ready for the trash..I decided to stuff it in the machine..to see what happenned..It came out PERFECT..

This so enraged me I VOWED that from now on my ski clothes..no matter what they were made of..got the powdered laundry soap..and the regular wash/spin cycle..

I have a few gore-tex things..they come out fine..
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As I understand it, if you are using a regular detergent (which is fine), you should always use a powdered detergent versus a liquid. The ingredients in liquid detergents can gum up the pores of the Gore-Tex while powdered detergents dissolve completely. Obviously since this is the case, NEVER use a fabric softener. I use powdered Tide for regular cleanings. Also, don't be shy about machine drying, it's supposed to be good for the fabric.

For annual cleaning and re-waterproofing, I use Nikwax Tech Wash. I think there are other Gore-Tex/membrane cleaners out there, but this one is pretty well regarded and readily available at most sports shops.
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Dan D is right. Gore recommends powdered detergent or Nik-wax tech wash (which is a liquid, but NOT a detergent), and machine washing. NEVER dry clean Gore-tex. The second thing you need to do is to renew the DWR (durable water repellancy) on the outer surface of the jacket fabric that keeps the rain or snow beading off the fabric surface. Goretex is a membrane on the inside of the fabric, but the outer surface of the shell is coated (or in some cases impregnated) with some sort of stuff that is hydrophobic. This is what prevents "wet-out" , the condition that occurs when the shell fabric becomes totally drenched with water. When this happens, the goretex membrane can no longer breathe, and you get wet and clammy. There are 2 ways to renew the DWR. 1. toss the jacket in the dryer, or iron it- heat will do it. 2. Use Nikwax wash in (best for older jackets, and works great once a year in any case). See the Goretex and Nik-wax web sites for more information. As far as I know, these guidelines are the same for Goretex competitors like Marmot Membrain, Conduit, Entrant, etc.

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A point that has been missed is to use a NON-DETERGENT soap. Tide and such will totally strip your garment of the DWR. Woolite is a non-detergent soap and does the trick great. On the subject off DWR replacment, Nikwax is best, Tectron is garbage. I double dosed my coat and still was getting wet out. JM2C.
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Nikwax is teh best stuff ever. I use the wash-in and spray on treatments a lot, their leather boot waterproofing stuff is great also. I wish the washing stuff wasn't so expensive though.
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There is another product by Grangers that is reccommended by Gore. You can get little 2 packs of cleaner and wash in waterproofing for breathable fabics that cost $10Can. I think you can do 2 or 3 garments at a time with the little bottles.
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No experience with Grangers but another vote for NikWax. It os a two step process. You need two bottles to do it correctly. 1 is tech wash and the other is .... I forget. If you find the tech wash they'll probably have the other. Otherwise just do a web search on Nikwax.
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For DWR revival, Gore has a product called Revivex that works very well.
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