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Loveland Snowmaking Update

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My rock skis are ready to MAMBO
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opening day is either the 14th or 17th !(cant remember). i'll be on those webcams all day !
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I was at Loveland today working for Nordica at a race day. The guns were blowing in the morning and we had on and off snow all day. The upper elevations appear to have a good deal of snow.

I predict an opening on the 21st.
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Can I change to the 15th?:
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As in 12 days away????? *passes out*
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Uhh, gee sorry Rusty, , as you didn't have any snowboards visible in your booth, I walked right on by you. I did stop at the Swix and Uvex booths. The snow did look great and everyone at the returning instructors meeting was pretty excited Saturday. I drove up to the top of Loveland Pass and stomped around on my snowshoes some. Snow was good but I felt sorry for the skis and boards people were using to go down the pass. :

I already told the boss I will probably be sick on the 14th or 15th. On an aside note, Lance Armstrong be pulling up to our building on campus tomorrow on his bicycle to help dedicate the new research building.
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ok, these guys can open now. picture #2 on the left is spillway and mambo trails and there's enough snow to point 'em downhill !
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So any update on when they're opening yet? The website doesn't mention anything.
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Its just great to see all the snow. Take a run for us easterners who still have at least a month to go.
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i believe theyre supposed to open oct. 14th, they had that date on their calendar when they had a calendar on the website; but i havent seen anything lately either.

i'm really not sure, though. i skied there last day of the season last year-may 2- and they had posted 144 days until next season, which had them opening in september, but that was obviously wrong.

hope its soon !
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Loveland is about to start up the lifts !

here's loveland's reply when i emailed them today on when they would open.
we still have not set a date but i can tell you it will be in the next 5 days. keep checking our website and sign up for our esnow for an email as soon as we set the date. It's not looking like tomorrow but very soon

i know i'll be checking loveland's site 1st thing every morning looking for skiers at loveland and wishing i were one of them.
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Thanks for the info, cougar.

Their update shows that snowmaking is complete on Mambo, now they're working on Home Run. Maybe Sunday...<praying>
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Loveland OPENS Friday the 15th 9:00 AM!!!!
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Wooohooo!!!! I'll be up there tomorrow to ski the "white ribbon of death". Probably take a couple runs and then see if Loveland Pass is worth a couple turns. Anyone been up on the pass yet?
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